Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects CC 2018 is not only a useful video editor, but it also offers various functions for audio. It consists of a complex interface that is most appropriate for professional users, but beginners can even get to learn about its tools and options by viewing tutorials at the official website.

In fact, it can even be used in the creation of animations. Some of the features available to users of this software include camera shake deblur immersive VR effects, video titling, and graphics, expanded text effects, and 3D rendering based on 4D Cinema technology. More recent versions of the software have extra features such as data-driven animation, VR transitions, and effects, real-time playback., template sharing, character animation, touch-screen optimization, face tracking, and adjustable UI preferences. The professional graphics software has several other premium features, which make it the choice post-production graphics editing option for many people.

How to Download:
Before start using Adobe After Effects CC, you need to get registered first on Adobe website. You can install the software in the free trial mode for 30 days or directly purchase its license at $19.99 per month. First, you have to download its installer, known as Adobe Creative Cloud. Opening this installer will show you the list of all Adobe products, and you can select this software to be installed. The installation of software will take a long time due to its various built-in tools and high-quality graphics.

Adobe After Effects Features:
• Live 3D Pipeline.
• Refine Edge tool.
• Warp Stabilizer VFX.
• 3D Camera Tracker.
• Global Performance Cache.
• Optimized and accelerated.
• Pixel Motion Blur.
• Text and shape layers.
• Essential bundled software.
• Tools to mask, key, and rotoscope.

Adobe After Effects CC gives you the flexibility of capturing videos from any Adobe mobile app or computer software and then edit it for adding required effects. The created videos can run easily with the software regardless of their sizes. The video playback is not interrupted by any warnings or option panels. It also performs face tracking for making it easier to edit and apply effects on faces. It lets you deal with 2D and 3D objects in an efficient way. You can synchronize your video files on multiple devices.

It is a great tool for finalizing the captured videos by turning them into movies with the help of its editing tools. Adobe After Effects lets you apply masks, use 3D layers, perform transformation and adds many scripts in your project. It enables you to apply various effects to audio and video such as blur, sharpen, Cinema 4D effect, distortion, matte & grain and expression controls. You can also add animations by tracking the motion, camera, and mask. The available Window category lets you work in your personally preferred layout and environment.