Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver cc 2018 is a professional tool for web designing and development purpose. Its various functions help you create responsive websites and perform back-end coding quickly. It is the product of Adobe Systems who had acquired it from Macromedia. Basically, it is an IDE for HTML and programming of other languages that makes it possible for users to code in an efficient manner and manage the designs easily. It has an attractive user interface with availability of drag and drop functions. It can be downloaded in any of the 17 supported languages including German, French and many more.

Adobe Dreamweaver acts as a platform for creating websites and web based applications. It allows both code and visual designing and is compatible with both Mac and windows platform. Adobe Dreamweaver offers three significant features. The Integrated CMS Support feature allows development and testing of content management systems, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It allows for live navigation of web pages and their easy editing, and all files related to pages are easily accessible during dynamic page processing. The second main feature is, support provided by Dreamweaver for Intelligent Coding. It provides hint and help pages related to Ajax, JavaScript and HTML coding by allowing access to jQuery, Prototype and Spry framework. The latest Dreamweaver release includes hint pages for PHP coding as well wherein developers can take advantages of methods and functions of PHP. Adobe Dreamweaver’s third feature includes Comprehensive Support for CSS. It allows the display of box model of CSS tools. It also avoids any need of running separate utilities for creating websites.

User Interface:
In its Code Window, you can write code manually or drag and drop tags from Insert Tab. The Design window displays only the look of HTML documents, while with Split window you can view both design and code at the same time. Its Live option allows you to see Web content in Live mode which tells you how the live website looks. You can easily insert comments, store templates for webpages, analyze errors, use indentation for easy understanding, implement visual aids and can customize the interface according to your own requirements.

Other Features:
Adobe Dreamweaver provides highlighting of syntax for languages of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, C#, Java, Visual Basic, VBScript, XHTML and many others. It consists of various efficient tools that help you in modification of your websites. Furthermore, you can now use it for Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla. Its auto complete feature is very helpful especially for saving time as well as when you do not remember the whole syntax of any supported language.

You can easily edit the Tag Library and can perform formatting of their default styles. Many Keyboard Shortcuts can be used in the Adobe Dreamweaver window and you add your own for quick working. You can adjust size of window for computers, mobile or tablet screens and can zoom in or out for clear look. With Drag and Drop feature you can add structures, media, forms, tables and templates. If you want to add Fonts that are currently not present in the system, you can download them from internet and insert via Manage Fonts option.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a popular tool for designing of interactive and responsive websites and development of mobile apps. Due to the support for various computer languages, it is being extensively used. There are many functionalities present in the software that make it good enough for both beginners as well as professionals equally.