Adobe FrameMaker Special features

The software is available for various operating systems such as Windows, UNIX and Mac. There is an automatic spell checking option and hyphenation across 17 most used languages and even can create documents in Japanese. The new version of this software has rich multilingual capabilities and does not appear to have so many technical errors.

Collaboration with other software

The Adobe FrameMaker is highly collaborative with other word processing software applications and spread sheets. It automatically keeps a version history that helps a person to work freely and offers some backup options at the time of need.

The highlights

  • Templates that are generated using FrameMaker make it possible to create different versions with the same outlook. This technically reduces the time taken to manually reformat when you apply the same template across the document library. The software will automatically make the required re-pagination if necessary.
  • The new version has the capacity to manage complex documents. It is now possible to add complex contents like graphics, equations, conditional text and other variables of text format.
  • The program is really stable that it will not re-paginate documents when you send it to print or opening in other allowable formats.