Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is modern software for designing and for graphics and is developed by Adobe systems-a leading system for development of designing software. If one wants a name that is leading the field of vector illustration the name of Adobe illustrator is for him. It can also be called as sister software of Adobe Photoshop. Its latest and most recent version is has been released in 2018 with the name illustrator CC. This software is from 22nd generation from the similar product list. The very first version of this software came in 1985 and then the product was changed and updated with time ending up in the Adobe illustrator CC 2018 the latest version. As the name suggests this is used by illustrators, designers, VFX artists, UX and UI designers, and many others. Its endemic artwork is based upon vector and therefore resolution is not a problem at all for this software which shows that it is in abrupt contrast with those vectors which are made in Photoshop.

A graphic driven software Adobe Illustrator is employed basically for developing vector diagrams and vector graphics. A number of other functions are performed on this software with the primary function of vector graphics. Among other functions, the creation of Cartoons, charts, diagrams, the formation of logos, development of fonts, and layout of Photoshop, and many more. The frequently updated versions of this software are of great help for users. As it has added positively to time management and quality work. For example, the addition of new features in latest version including realistic brushes three spatial applications has helped a lot of users in creating advance logos and vector graphics. The most important and fundamental use of this software is the creation of vector image. A vector image is a work of art with qualities of clean, attractive, beautiful, and quality that cannot be compromised even if it is scaled up or scaled down infinitely. Other software for image development does not have the capability to provide an image with quality pixels. Whenever one needs to enlarge to shorten a picture made on any software other than Adobe illustration, he ends up in getting an image with distorted pixels and quality, and the picture looks horrible. Further, Ife the size of an image or a diagram is too small to start with, other software does not provide an opportunity to start with that image. Contrarily this does not fall truly with illustrator. As this software provides vectors that restrict the deformation of quality of the image and one do not need to start all over again.

In addition to the quality difference between Adobe Illustrator and other similar software, the one consisting of paths and pixels is most important as this one forms the basis of picture, image or a gif. The raster images are created by the grid of pixels while the images created by Adobe illustrator are made from paths – A mixture or combination of the initial mark, ending point, and the combination of angles, different shapes and the lines in between. Summing up this one can conclude that Adobe illustrator is best for companies in comparison to Adobe Photoshop as illustrator provides an opportunity to make an image so small like a tiny point and so large that it can appear on a signboard. This is the reason that this software is at the advantageous position than any other software of its comparison.

Here comes the long-awaited question that who can actually work in Adobe Illustrator. Many think in a way that this is a field of software and thus requires a background knowledge. Well in many circumstances this concept holds true, yet the easiness and reliability of this software enable everyone to learn in a bit of time with limited effort. One can make use of this software for freehand sketches or can use it to modify an already made image by importing in the software. A newcomer would frighten by thinking in a way that how one write around a circle or how one can create a logo. Well, it is not complicated as one thinks. Further, this software is not limited to only graphic designing or limited to artistic work. One can employ its services to other projects as well including mock-up of a new website and many more.

Moving on toward versatility of Adobe illustrator, it offers a long staying and quality product in the form of vector graphics or vector diagram. At any point in your work, you can convert a vector into jpg, jpeg, bitmap, and many other formats. It is very unfortunate that the images or illustrations created by software other than Adobe illustrator cannot be converted into other formats. Supplementary, if one is not sure of the future of an image whether what would be its size or use then one should go Adobe illustration. Since, the vectors created by this software are made on multiple lines, curves, shapes, and points. So one has unlimited opportunities for editing. For example, one created drawing of heart or any other complicated thing. At a moment he realises that the top point or any edge the shape (heart) is not perfect and it needs a modification. Well, this is bad news if you are using any software other than Adobe. And you have created the whole structure from the initial point. This will cost you time and money.

Here comes the last point of discussion which is aimed at answering the most asked question-who should use this software. Many argue that it is expensive and therefore requires an in-depth research. Moving on they argue that it is professional software and therefore it only suits professional and creative people. Also, some people are confused about the usage of this software and they are not sure that is this a suitable software for them or not. Well, the answer requires a long debate. The simplest answer lies in using the free trial of this software. This software gives an opportunity to use it for free for a period of 30 days. And if you found it useful you can then go for shopping Adobe Illustrator.