Adobe Muse CC

Adobe Muse CC 2018 is an effective tool targeted for website designers who are new in this field. Its drag and drop feature enables users to design intuitive websites without coding. Now you can create responsive websites with interactive buttons, fillable forms, eye catching image galleries, URL links, scroll effects, transitions and animations. The software has a very attractive user interface with lots of options in toolbar and drop down menus.

For anyone looking for ways to design a responsive website, Adobe Muse is one of the best tools to use. It is a website building software that allows you to design your website without having to code. For a monthly fee, you can work on your website from scratch. The advantage of using Adobe Muse is that it is simplified for beginners. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned website designer, the app will be of great help. With its form builder, for instance, you can create a variety of fields, including name, radio button, phone, checkboxes and even text fields. You can also customize your site using the available tools. While the interface may look confusing at the beginning, once you get a hang of it, you can customize your site using color effects, shapes, and icons. Adobe Muse does not come with pre-saved themes, therefore you will have fun creating your own unique theme.

Creating Website:
You can start working on designing of a website by creating a new site, entering its width, choosing number of columns and adjusting the gutter controls. The advanced settings let you choose minimum or maximum width, margins, padding, resolution and default language of website. Each site can consist of multiple pages and you can add options in each page while using a master page where default header and footer can be saved to integrate it with other pages.

Selection tool helps you move objects from one location to another. Crop tool lets you cut out the unnecessary portions of pages. Text tool can insert any text in your webpage and lets you edit font style, size, width, color and position of your text. Rectangle tool creates rectangles on the page with custom specifications and is used to input any objects in selected area. Hand tool helps you move from one place of page to another and is especially useful when you have zoomed in or out of webpage with Zoom tool.

Adobe Muse lets you add anchor text and URLs with Place Gun. You can also format text across breakpoints. Swatches option fills the selected portion of page with any color. Many layers can be created for easy editing. CC libraries are present in the software and you can also add your own libraries to format content across different devices. You can choose and edit all your added assets for working as per your requirement. With Transform option you can customize content and pin it to your webpage.

Widgets Libraries:
Adobe Muse includes widget libraries that enable you to conveniently add widgets such as buttons, compositions, forms, menus, panels, social icons and slideshows. Each widget can be selected and dragged on the page. There are multiple types of widgets present and you can choose anyone that is more suitable. The states and transitions of widgets can be chosen from the options of normal, roll over, mouse down and active. Scroll effects can be enabled by choosing a single fixed breakpoint.

System Requirements:
Since Adobe Muse is a heavy software, therefore it needs more system resources. It can only execute on Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon CPU and supports only 64 bit architecture. The other minimum system requirements are: 1 GB RAM and 2 GHz or faster processor.

Adobe Muse License:
Adobe Muse can be purchased from website by paying $14.99 USD per month. Its free trial is usable for 30 days after which you cannot use it without buying the license.