Adobe Premiere

To experience the clearest images and crisp sound, it is necessary to edit your video footage using some specialized software. Adobe Premiere was designed for this exact purpose. Therefore, if you are a professional video editor or simply an enthusiast, invest in this program and witness dramatic, positive results!

What is Adobe Premiere?
We all enjoy watching and admiring beautiful footage. For decades, humanity has been fascinated by great works of film and television. Traditional visual entertainment was created using only cameras. Today, computers are utilized too. These high-tech devices contain programs which can be used to transform regular footage into an audio-visual masterpiece. In addition to creating spellbinding sequences, these programs can also adjust existing video footage to improve its appearance. An example of such a program is adobe premiere. It is packed full of all the features that you would need so as to perform decent video editing. As such, it is trusted by journalism students, professional video editors and enthusiasts too. Read on to discover more about it.

Discover this program
This is a tool that was developed specifically to edit video footage. Available as a package, it can be used by professionals as well as enthusiasts with amateur level skills. Adobe Premiere is available at a modest price. Moreover, it can be used on its own or in conjunction with other software. Examples of these are the After Effects and Photoshop software both created by the same parent company, Adobe Systems.

How to work with this program
To edit some video footage using adobe premiere, the first step involves importing the video footage into your computer. It can be sourced from a video tape, DVD disc, IP camera, digital camera, a smartphone or even a tablet. Having imported the video into your computer, you can proceed to use the tools in the program to edit the video. Some of the aspects which you can change include its contrast, colors, volume level, exposure, speed, camera focus, order of sequences and much more. You can also use the program to add subtitles, music and background sound. Having edited the video footage to your satisfaction, you can simply load it back into a DVD, a video tape or any other storage media that you desire.

Capability of Adobe Premiere
This video editing program is quite powerful. It can manipulate video footage to create High Definition quality content. This can then be broadcast over media such as TV or the Internet. Professional video editors located in newsrooms, TV stations and even movie studios often utilize adobe premiere for video editing. Due to this, the program is quite versatile and can be applied successfully in various environments. Its winning characteristic is the clean, legible, intuitive and interactive user interface.

Features of the program
During the process of video editing, Adobe Premiere puts a collection of features at your disposal. It can import video, images and even audio files of various formats. Having done that, you can use the program to arrange these elements in a specific, visual-based timeline. After editing the material to your satisfaction, you can use this program to further embellish the content by adding effects and filters. You can also adjust the camera angle and focus on specific elements in the video content using this program. Last but not least, you can utilize this software tool to export the material into any storage medium of your choice.

Limitations of the program
While it offers a comprehensive suite of functions, there are a number of activities which Adobe Premiere can only accomplish partly. Firstly, the program has a title maker function that can successfully add titles and subtitles to video footage. However, it does not offer advanced features such as lightning fast response and title formatting. In addition to that, the program has decent sound mixing capability. There are settings which you can use to edit the sound so as to highlight elements such as treble, bass, undertones and overtones. However, they are not thorough enough for studio quality sound editing. The program also has a collection of visual transitions and effects. While they are numerous and distinctive, they are not exhaustive and some of the most dramatic ones in the video editing industry are not included in the software. If you would like to experience more features than those offered in adobe premiere, you would have to acquire new programs or download some additional software plug-ins.

Its price and availability
This video editing program is currently available for purchase. Adobe Premiere is categorized as a mid-range type of software. This means that its price is average. Despite this, the software delivers great performance and is quite reliable. You can purchase it at the developer’s site. Consumers who have purchased it indicate that the program provides a cost-effective solution for professional quality video editing.

Can you use this program on multiple devices?
Adobe Premiere is designed to be installed on one device at a time. Therefore, when you buy adobe premiere, you can only install it once in a device of your choice. This can be your desktop or laptop computer. However, thanks to Cloud services, you can now use the program across multiple, compatible devices. To do this, you only have to log into your Adobe Account before utilizing the software in your device of choice. This provides a very convenient experience for video editors on the move.

Points to note
Consumers have found that if you edit a video sequence more than once, it begins to lose quality. If you access a video sequence multiple times and edit it each time, aspects such as the visual quality reduce. The audio is also not as loud or can even get distorted. This issue is caused by the multiple re-writing of audio-visual material in the memory blocks. Therefore, as you use this program, it is important to know that you should do as much editing as you desire during the first session with adobe premiere. This prevents you from having to go back to some footage for later editing.