Bandicam 2018

Bandicam 2018 is a great tool for capturing the video or screenshots of your computer screen. It stores high-quality videos that you can upload on websites too. There are separate modes available through which you can record particular types of applications screens. Its trial version should be given a try for knowing its details before purchasing the paid version.

Looking to make a “how to” instructional video from your laptop computer? You’ll need Bandicam. The best screen recording software lets you record part of your mobile screen or a program that uses DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies. A high-performance screen recorder that gives you flawless, near lossless video quality. With a high compression ratio, you get a much smaller size video at almost the same quality as the original.

Bandicam also has the autocomplete recording function that lets you recording function that allows the user to record a stream for 24 hours if required. Record high-quality videos at 2560×1600 resolutions. Upload the videos to YouTube at 720p or 1080p full HD video without the need to convert. Record your favorite shows online from sources that use DirectX/OpenGL programs. Bandicam is also compatible with all version of windows and is available in multiple languages making it very versatile as well. If you’re looking for a screen recording tool, Bandicam is your answer.

With the release of Bandicam by Bandisoft, capturing the videos or screenshots of all the activities going on in your computer screen has become an easy task. You can take screenshots or record whole videos in three different modes. The license is available at $39 for a single PC, while you can pay $59 to use it on two different systems.

Bandicam is software that efficiently records videos from PC screens. The software can be used for purposes of recording ordinary videos, games, slideshows, etc. The software comes with some modes to choose from depending upon what kind of video a person is recording from the screen.

Installation Procedure:
Download its setup file after paying the license fee or try its trial version. Run the setup by opening the file. The process will be completed, so click Finish button to exit the Installation wizard. After that, you can run the software on one or two systems, based on your license type.

Bandicam software uses a resolution of almost 2560 x 1600 pixels for giving users an excellent experience. For the trial version, you can record videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes and a watermark will also be visible at the top of your recorded video. The recording of videos is very simple.

Modes of Recording:
Game Mode:
While playing games, you can record the screen for sharing it. You can send it to your friends for helping them with some stages that they are stuck on, or upload the videos as tutorials on video sharing sites. Not only games but you can also capture screens of video players. You can record part of movies or videos for later use.

Screen Mode:
The Screen mode of Bandicam can record videos or screenshots of applications running on your desktop screen or Web Browsers. You can start recording by clicking Record option and then start doing your work. After the video is recorded, you can save it at desired locations.

Device Mode:
In this mode, you can record the videos from external devices, such as Webcam, and HDMI. You can choose the external device for capturing video, select the format of video, customize settings of audio and video recording and can choose suitable options for deinterlacing from the drop-down menu.

The screenshots can be recorded in BMP, PNG, JPG Normal, JPG High Quality or GIF file formats. You can record the video in AVI or MP4 formats. Through the Output option, you can check your previously stored files. You can also customize the settings via FPS and general settings categories.