Best iPad Games in 2018

If you are sitting in your favorite Starbucks with a Choco-latte in one hand and an iPhone in other wondering about how to pass your time, then we got you completely covered folks.
We dug into deep dungeons of app store to find for you our top freegaming choices. Sounds interesting? Then read on.

1. NASCAR Heat-Mobile
Racing is one of theall-time favorite genres of gaming enthusiastic. So, we bring to you our pick of the lot for driving your own fast cars. This officially licensed mobile version enables the player to gear up their cars, and give it a whirl on NASCAR tracks at the same time competing with other players online. Its controls are easy and movement delightful. And did we mention already that it’s free?

2. Moveless Chess
Many dream to be a chess grandmaster but find the game too slow for their liking. But what if you could bring magical elements into this game? The objective of the game is to defeat the black pieces by changing your own into new ones.
But remember, you could only do that using limited action points. So, your strategy would have to be just precise.

3. Fallen London
This literary RPG takes player into underworld London set in Victorian ages. Players have to make every move carefully because every choice carry their own consequences.
If you like story-driven games then this just might be your favorite pick.

4. Spellspire
If a strong vocabulary is your forte, then you might want to take on this journey. Follow into the dungeons where your ally would be words and with them you shall conquer.
Reach for the amazing rewards that wait for you after you slay monsters. This game is creative and lots and lots of fun.

5. Crazy Taxi
This one is for the classic game lovers. This rendition of 1999 original game lets players breeze through the dense traffic and hurdles in their taxis.
The name of the game is fares. More money you make, more you get ahead. So, switch on the ignition and come on the road.