BMW’s Mini 2020 the streets will rock with the mini’s hot hatchback.

BMW’s Mini division is yet to produce another amazing machine come 2020, after producing the first one in 2017, this Mini John Cooper Works always amazes its customers from how creative they are. The new car yet to be produced will have specifications that are incomparable to any other machine you might be knowing to be will come in Pokémon-style, the outer body will be made from the pure copper everyone loves. It’s really a grand machine, guess what the front looks like? You can’t believe this, the front at the end has a deeper front bumper equipped together with three air dam. The creative designers went forward and added more flavor to this car’s look, the brakes are made together with fender flares which are meant to cool the brakes.

The specifications are amazing. The interior of the car has been equipped with the best materials ever known, a carpet, rear seats, and sound deadening material. A fire extinguisher is in the car, the front passengers receive sports seats, how amazing is it? It won’t take words to explain the features of this machine, keep in touch as always to ensure that once it’s out you are the first to grab it.