Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has long been one of the best-kept secrets of Chrome world. It enables the user to access any Apple, Android, Windows, Linux or Mac device remotely from another device.Devices can be controlled without worrying about different operating systems, dynamic DNS, port forwarding or anything else.I take less than 5 minutes to setup if the user had pre-installed Google Chrome on the computer.Users can follow these easy steps to use their device remotely:

#1 First thing is to install the Google Chrome on your device if not pre-installed.Chrome app is available for all Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.

#2 After installing Chrome, go to Chrome Web Store and search for chrome remote desktop, add it to chrome by clicking the button available at the top right

At this point, a tab will appear which shows all the installed apps in Chrome to launch it.For future purposes to open it type “chrome://apps/” in the web address to launch the installed apps.

#3 Click the app icon to launch.The new window will appear asking for the permissions required for an app to run.Select “Allow” and the main screen will appear.Here user will be provided with the following options: my computers and remote assistance

Remote Assistance for user-to-user and My Computers for a personal remote.Select accordingly and click “Get Started” button. User’ll have to sign in with Google account for My Computers.
After it, you will get a new prompted window to download a remote desktop client on all operating systems except for Chromebook(pre-installed).

The setup is almost complete by now.All the above-given steps are required only for the first time to set up a new computer but all the steps must be followed in all computers you want to access remotely.Everytime you open the desktop app you’ll be asked to select the connection type.

For remote assistance, a 12-digit code will appear which the other user had to put for assisting and the app must be open and running on the host device.

Personal remote access requires a custom pin and Chrome app running in the background(by default unless the user had made restrictions) but the computer must be connected to the internet and turned on.

Now on the remote device if it’s desktop/laptop computer app can be installed by following above given steps.For Android and iOS devices mobile app is required which can be installed from the app stores under the same name
# Desktop app: For another user’s remote assistance only 12-digit code specific for that connection is required.Accessing personal computers requires signing in and minimum 6-digit PIN set for the particular device.

# Mobile Apps: these allow the remote connection to personal connections only and Google account signing in with the PIN set for a personal computer is required.

The connection is ready and can be host can be controlled by remote and all the functions of a computer can be operated via remote.Virtual keyboard, touch input, and trackpad all features can be used for the direct input.