Creating Watermarks for Your YouTube Videos and Why It Matters

So, you have created original content on YouTube and went on to prove that you are quite the sensation. Now, you are thinking of merchandising, fan clubs and all those fancy promotional items to spread your branding like wildfire. Before any of that, however, you should probably consider a solid watermark for your videos if you do not already have one.

This article examines what the watermark is all about.

Why a Watermark? Is the Tedium worth it?

YouTube is a lucrative platform, especially in recent times, due to the rise of social influencers who bond well with tech savvy generation-Z peeps. As with any profitable business, there should arise a form of identity or logo that assists with your marketing efforts.

When someone looks at the squiggly ’M’ on a cup, they know it belongs to the clown-fronted fast food chain, MacDonald’s, the same can be said for Nike with its iconic inspirational tick. YouTubers should drive themselves towards a similarly outstanding online presence through their watermark displays, which is to be attached to all their original content, which rallies supporters to readily identify with the brand and potentially filter out any facsimiles by pretenders (this happens once you achieve a certain level of fame or street cred).

Not forgetting, bearing a watermark suggests that your channel is properly established and that its owner comes across as somebody who makes the effort in establishing his online presence. This additional step in your online video career may just separate you from the thousands of half-hearted uploaders out there, which goes far to stir interests in your viewers and improve cyber traffic.

In addition to branding, a watermark (which is strategically placed on the right-hand side of a video to optimize its prominence, which is based on subtle consumer psychology) doubles up as a pop-up link to your channel that viewers may easily access by hovering their cursors over its thumbprint.

The pop-up window also displays your existing number of subscribers, which may serve as an effective tool for brand confidence if you already had a healthy following.

Famous Vloggers/uploaders have been applying watermarks in their content, including make-up master Michelle Phan, Training guide channel Expert Village and music stopover, La Belle Musique.
It is time to hop in on the trend!

Checklist for Your Watermark

Here are some guidelines for an effective watermark on YouTube:

Firstly, like any other branding symbol, ensure that the idea has not been done before, to prevent any unnecessary (and sticky) copyright issues.

Secondly, keep to a color theme if possible so that audiences may easily identify with your brand within glance. For example, if your channel featured reviews on country-inspired furniture, perhaps your watermark should be cast in a wood tone and in the silhouette of a house.

The watermark or logo is usually either a recognizable symbol of what you stand for or a stylized abbreviation of your name, or that of your cyber entity.

Thirdly, use a design application or tool that allows you expansive customization, so that you may easily forge something original. However, try to not get lost in the detail, the more concise the artwork, the easier it is for viewers to strike a chord with its design and hence, leave an impression.

Most importantly, explore, have fun and take your videos to the next level with those watermarks!