Driver Genius Software

Driver Genius offers the much required support for computer systems as regards driver and hardware management. Its key capabilities include detection and backing up of installed device drivers, restoring all drivers with just one click when an operating system is updated, searching and detecting drivers that need to be updated, removing old and useless drivers, and monitoring system temperature. With this driver, many aspects of a computer system can be monitored and updated with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Driver Genius 18 is a potent driver manager for the Windows operating system. It plays many functions including backing up, restoring and updating the device drivers automatically. You only need to make a few clicks of your mouse and Driver Genius will update the drivers automatically. In addition, you can you use this powerful and seamless driver management tool to examine your system and recommend the drivers that are suitable for your PC from a database that contains more than 80,000 different drivers.

This database has drivers for most of the hardware components such as video cards, motherboards, network cards, sound cards, keyboards, monitors, modems, video capture cards, digital cameras and so on. You can avoid the pain of managing all these drivers by simply downloading and installing Driver Genius.

The functionalities of Driver Genius are unique in that you can use this driver to find the latest driver for your computer. You just have to click once to update all your drivers. Driver Genius also enables you to automatically check driver updates, thus ensuring that your drivers are always up-to-date. It also quickly backs up the drivers installed in your system and packages the drivers to an executable auto installer functionality. Thus, with one click you can restore all your drivers. Driver Genius also enables you to remove invalid or ineffective drivers and perk up system performance as well as stability.

Further, Driver Genius provides detailed information on hardware inventory and protects your hardware like CPU, HDD and video card by monitoring system temperature in real time to avert damage. This system health monitoring aspect is a very vital function attributed to Driver Genius because high PC temperature reduces the system stability as well as performance of hardware components, and may even damage them. As well, Driver Genius is optimized to increase hardware detection speed by about 40 percent. This means more time savings when dealing with different types of hardware.

Driver Genius also has new improvements such as enhanced compatibility for Windows 8, enhanced loading time for hardware information, and enhanced hardware information support for AMD Kabini and Intel Haswell. Along the same line, Driver Genius works with different versions of Windows and hence it is possible to degrade or upgrade Windows 8 to or from Windows 7 with much ease. Additionally, the driver supports the latest Radeon GPU and NVIDIA GeForce GPU. What’s more, Driver Genius supports more hardware sensors and provides more accurate hardware temperature as mentioned above.

Driver Genius Features:
1. Find latest driver for your computer. One click to update all drivers.
2. Automatically check for driver updates, make your drivers are always up-to-date.
3. Quickly backs up drivers installed in the system. Free to backup all drivers now!
4. Package all drivers to an executable auto installer. One click to restore all drivers.
5. Remove invalid or useless drivers, improve system performance and stability.
6. New system information tool. Detailed hardware inventory.