FormatFactory 2018 is one of the best programs for anyone who would like to convert files into various formats. The program also helps you save on disk space, and it facilitates file sharing across various platforms. The good news is that the program is compatible with most mobile players, phones, and computers. All you have to do is download the program and you are good to go. Most users like the program because it is easy to use. It is also accessible for users with varied experience levels. You can easily convert media files to MP4, AVI, MPG, MP3, AMR, WMA among others. With the program, it is also easy to rip a music CD into an audio file. The other benefit is that it can support a wide range of formats, be it BlackBerry, iPhone, PSP, or iPod. You can also use the program to reduce your file size, and for repairing damaged audio and videos files.

This is a converter for the multimedia files out there. It is as its name indicates: an entire factory of different formats, which is, perhaps, its biggest advantage over its competitors. While not only the files gotten off the internet can be converted into whatever format one desires, it also enables the users to convert the files already saved, and even those which have been saved on external storage devices, for instance CDs and DVDs. Why would you want to do all this? The conversion may be necessary or optional, but mostly people who know about technicalities prefer to do so to save space on their hard drive disks and to make the transfer of files more fluid than before.

Why Choose FormatFactory?
FormatFactory supports about two dozen formats, which obviously includes the majority of the most commonly used and famous formats. Its functions extend to both audio and video files, and do not simply involve conversion. The other functions include convergence and joining of the files as a part of the editing process, and also allow the preview of the videos and the audio files on spot. The application is a relatively simple one, but has a set of advanced options allowing the person to customize the experience. FormatFactory 2018 has kept the entire layout simpler than the other softwares of its kind.

FormatFactory Pros:
1. The application is free for most of its services.
2. It is a diverse application; almost any format can be accessed through this.
3. The layout, although simple, is quite colourful and appealing to look at.
4. Personalization of the skins is also an added option.

Format Factory Cons:
1. The support for smart phones does exist but the look of the mobile application is a bit of a disappointment.

2. It also comes with offers of installation of a lot of other stuff, the most common of which are toolbars of different sorts. The only upside here is that the application seeks the permission of the user before attempting to install any stuff. This is, however, irritating and completely unasked for.

3. The profile section is ambiguous according to most of the user reviews. Given the assumption that the user does not have much experience with softwares of this kind, the profile part can be a hindrance in the operation of the application.

This might be an oversimplified version in this era of advancement, but the simple fact that its user friendly interface does not interfere with its ability to retrieve and act upon more than two dozen formats supersedes all of the problems. Most of the users have been happy with it, and a select few have been critical about it. However, for those who are amateurs in this field, this is a great beginner’s application.