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Amazon is a shopping app by Amazon that allows you to purchase or sell your products online on Amazon from your mobile device.

Software details
Android / iphone
Amazon Shopping App
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Software description

Amazon Shopping App has a lot of great features that allow you to get what you are looking for very easily. You are able to compare different prices from a different seller. Also, before you can come to a decision when buying you can be able to see the review of the seller by other customers and at the same time give a review when you purchase. When you have ordered you can be able to trace the product every step or the way from your phone.

When you are feeling lazy or tired of typing the products name you can scan the barcode of the product with your phone camera or just use voice and you will still get the results. The app has been rooted with a secure server from Amazon so any personal information is safe from sharing. The app is free to download.