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Ableton Live is an amazing software that provides many functions related to music. New audios can be recorded, customized and then played on stage. Usually it is used by DJs for equalizing or making the music compatible with the environment. It is a complete package of audio creation and compilation that can help you a lot with your music career. It is a must have tool for the music lovers.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
Ableton Live Suite
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Software description

According to a famous saying; “Music is the Window to the Soul.” Music has become an integral part of our lives. Everyone likes enjoying the beautiful piece of music and songs. Ableton Live is the software that lets you create and effectively run music by applying various effects. It is a natural source of converting your ideas into the form of music, make beautiful songs from the music and then run them on the stage for live performances. With its vast range of options, it is an excellent choice for expert musicians.

Ableton Live is specially designed to unleash fast navigation when used. It remains a composition and motivational clip-oriented live workflow. Users will find a gamut of materials when using the suite edition of the application. The robust and classic automation system of the software is beyond anticipation. This all-in-one pack application can help you carry out tons of multitasks. If you are looking to compose music like a professional, this is the right software to use. The two fundamental views of the application make it highly exceptional. With the tab key, it is easy to switch from one mode to another. Near the top of the display in the software, you will find two circular icons that also help in changing styles. For crucial signature and looping, the application comes with a meter, the tempo, transport and other navigation items.

Download and Install:

For running this expert software, you can download its setup file from the shared link. Since it has a lot many options so its size is large and it would take longer time than usual for downloading. After the ZIP file is downloaded, you need to extract it and then run the setup. After accepting the End User License Agreement, you need to select a few more options, and then the software will be installed. You can either buy it or use its free trial version for 30 days.


Ableton Live offers the creation of music based on many instruments, sounds, and effects. You can create sounds of Bass, Mallets, Piano, Guitar, Wind and more. Different types of drums sounds can be added. Different kinds of instruments such as electric, analog, Sampler, Simpler, Impulse and many others can be used. You can also apply various Audio and MIDI effects. The plug-ins and clips can be added for improvising music. A list of samples is also added for helping the users get more innovative ideas.


The latest version of Ableton Live has introduced many new features. You can easily record new audio, add beats to match with your music, can play many latest or older instruments and can use add-ons for adding external sounds and effects that are not available with the software. Moreover can use two different views: named Session View and Arrangement View.

Ableton Live can run on those systems that have Windows, Mac or OS X Operating Systems. Since it is a significant software, therefore it requires more memory space and RAM capacity for running smoothly. It is a Digital Audio Workstation whose primary purpose is the sequencing of music. It can create, finish and perform the audio compilations.