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Formerly known as ExtremeZ- IP, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP server that is present on your windows server but still allows Macs to connect to file shares and NAS via Apple Filling Protocol (AFP) instead of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Being a solution that solves most problems faced by Mac users, it is highly recommended since it offers a seamless experience while maintaining the compatibility required by IT.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Acronis Files Connect
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Software description

Acronis Files Connect was designed to solve file sharing problems between Apple users and Windows file servers or NAS devices. Developed out of a need for improved performance and functionality, Acronis Files Connect is an AFP server at its core with considerable improvements and added functionality. Designed to work in tandem with a Windows file server, Acronis Files Connect uses Apple Filing Protocol to allow macOS users to access shared files at improved transfer speeds.

The Acronis Files Connect suite consists of a server and client software package that enables file sharing between a Windows file server and macOS users. Installation of the server software and client was designed to be simple and intuitive while configuration takes only a few minutes. With plenty of extra features, Acronis Files Connect offers a robust solution for any commercial and home use environment.


– Active Directory support. Designed to function across many types of organizations, Acronis Files Connect allows you to manage file access using an existing Active Directory. Permissions and security policies can be set on a per-user basis or per-group basis as defined in the Active Directory.

– File naming policies. Acronis Files Connect allows IT professionals to define rules on file naming, exclude characters, long names, long paths, and cross-platform limitation policies.

– Backup and restore. The Acronis Files Connect suite allows Mac users to restore files to a previous version from a Windows file server or NAS. Files Connect supports version backups, enabling users to restore files without the need for any kind of help desk support.

– Mobile user support. Going beyond macOS users, Acronis Files Connect supports mobile clients. iOS and Android devices can access shared files using a dedicated mobile application, enabling them to edit, save, backup, restore, and search through existing files.

– Content Spotlight search support. Acronis Files Connect can create server-side indexes that are linked to Mac Spotlight. It enables users to search files on the Windows file server using Spotlight search with full native integration.

– AFP connection support. Acronis File Connect allows users to benefit from file sharing regardless of where they are stored. It can use shared folders on Windows file servers and NAS as native AFP volumes.

– Improved transfer speeds. Using shared folders as native AFP volumes can considerably increase transfer speeds, helping improve the productivity of the users and improve the functionality of the IT infrastructure.

– Improves functionality of SMB protocol. Acronis Files Connect supports SMB protocol but reduces the number of known bugs, improves performance, and eliminates compatibility problems. It also prevents files from being locked or becoming corrupt.

– Improved file shares mounting. Due to its increased performance, all actions such as folder browsing, opening files, and share mounting are performed considerably faster.

– Network printer support. The Acronis Files Connect server supports network printers for Mac users. Installing a network printer is done seamlessly like in a regular network that does not use any Microsoft server solutions.

– Real-time granular search index. The search index is updated in real-time as Files Connect monitors and records all changes performed to files.