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Adobe Camera Raw is a graphical plugin for Adobe Photoshop that enables you to manipulate images in RAW format. It can also work with images of DNG format. Since RAW format is not supported by many photo viewing tools, so this plugin lets you convert the formats of your images to the most commonly used formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF and many more. It can be used with a lot of cameras belonging to many brands and can process images of both professional and non-professional cameras with efficiency.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe Camera Raw
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Software description

The software besides supporting camera raw images, it supports digital negative raw files. The software is easy to install as it involves exiting from all Adobe applications then double-clicking on the downloaded exe file and starts installation following the instructions on the screen. After finishing, you restart the Adobe applications, and there you are free to start the usage. The latest version, 10 version has auto enhancement as well as quick selection. First, you open the software and select the image to be edited. Auto selection automatically applies the effect on your photo depending on the image’s light and color characteristics. Quick selection is where you select the different light and illumination characteristics for your image following the onscreen effects and user’s preference.

How to Install:

Before installing the software setup package, make sure that its version is compatible with the version of your installed Photoshop software. After downloading the zip setup, you can unzip it with any utility such as WinRAR. Close the running Photoshop program. Then visit the system drive of your PC and copy its extracted file to the File format subfolder within the plugin folder of Photoshop. Now you can open Adobe Photoshop and can fully use its plugin i.e. Adobe Camera Raw.

Adobe Camera Raw Features:

RAW format is like the digital negative of images therefore a lot of applications do not support it. Adobe Camera Raw provides you the facility of dealing with them and changing their formats. It includes a lot of helpful tools through which you can make any editing in your captured images. You can use its auto crop and boundary warp feature when you are viewing panoramic images. It also manages metadata to let you easily access images.

The software now supports GPU acceleration to perform all the required tasks at a faster speed. It can also merge multiple images to combine them into a single DNG file or Panorama image for giving them a professional look. It uses brush tool to add advanced radial filter masks in your images to help you with adjusting tint, contrast, dehaze and many other characteristics.

Camera Support:

Adobe Camera Raw provides support for all the popular brands of cameras. The range includes Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Casio, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Mamiya, Nokia, Epson, Panasonic, Samsung and many more. It supports almost all the active models of mentioned brands and new updates are released regularly for making it compatible with the latest models.

System Requirements:

The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows as well as Mac operating systems. Its latest released version is 9 that can run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 OS, while with Mac OS it provides compatibility for 10.7 to 10.11 versions. The presence of Adobe Photoshop is necessary for using this plugin, so download its compatible version first.


Adobe Camera Raw is the plugin by Adobe Systems that is developed for Adobe Photoshop. It enables you to open and process images of RAW format in Photoshop and to convert them into other supported file formats. After the plugin is installed, it will automatically open once you try to open raw images in Photoshop. It is a very helpful tool that is suitable for photographers who prefer to capture raw images.