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Adobe After Effects is a Windows-based application that helps users add animations and motion graphics to images and videos. It’s commonly used in the post-production process of films and television shows.

Software details

2020 Build
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe After Effects CC
4.3 (85.83%) 223 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

Adobe After Effects is the standard software used in the industry. Its uses include video compositing, animation, and motion graphic design, which is used in presentations and other online content. Adobe After Effects is also used extensively in TV and post-production of films. It is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite, which is subscription-based.

Now, are you wondering what you can do with After Effects? There are tons of things you can do with Adobe After Effects like make a technical and creative program. You can also make and modify 2D clips in a 3D space. It can create titles, cartoon characters and so on.

A few of the features of Adobe After Effects are:

  1. Graphics and Enhancement of Texts: In the new version there are new text style expressions and expression controls in the dropdown menu. Using this, you will be able to adjust various settings all at once as well as design templates.
  2. EXR Workflows: You will be able to import layered EXR files as compositions to make the compositing process quicker. By importing EXR files, you can apply several effects to composition layers without having to go through a process of complicated setups. Each layer can be worked with individually and apply effects to your renders to give it more originality.
  3. Expanded Format and Playback Support: The latest format of the Adobe After Effects includes Canon XF-HEVC. You get to have a better playback when you work with 10-bit H.265 HD/UHD files. The decoding performance by ProRes has also improved. You also get access to legacy QuickTime files, including new native support for MJPEG as well as Animation codec files which include delta frames.
  4. Faster Shapes: Adobe After Effects responds effectively when it comes to shapes for speeding up creative iteration. After Effects provides excellent access to grouping controls, thus helping to easily navigate and manage huge numbers of shapes.
  5. Content-Aware Fill for video improvements: You can remove any unwanted objects for your video faster and more efficiently with the improvements in performance as well as decreased usage of memory.
  6. System Compatibility Report: Adobe After Effects detects any known issues with any specific hardware and about the older hardware drivers you use on the computer and alerts you about them. If you get an alert regarding an issue, but you feel like it is invalid, then you can submit a bug which the Adobe team will review.
  7. Graphics and Text Enhancements: There are a variety of graphics and text enhancements as follows –

a. Edit text properties using expressions: You can use expressions for any making global changes to text properties that are in your projects. As you work with any text expressions, the new expressions are able to control the styling of the text and the text itself.

b. Dropdown Menu Control Effect: When you create Motion Graphics templates, you can use the Dropdown Menu effect to use the properties of layers. You can share checkboxes and sliders as controls that are editable to change their properties in Adobe Premiere Pro.