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Adobe Flash Player is a powerful application that supports graphics. If you want to play online games, watch videos or view high-quality graphical content, you should enable this add-on for an amazing online experience.

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Adobe Flash Player
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Software description

Adobe Flash Player is an inconspicuous browser plugin and loaded internet application runtime that offers consistent and captivating experiences, clear audio, stunning video playback, along with thrilling gameplay. The Adobe Flash Player has been installed on over 1.3 billion systems. Adobe has become the standard for distributing high quality and rich online content. Allowing you to seamlessly reach millions of people across various browsers and OS servers there are more than 10 times the people than other top selling hardware game consoles.

Adobe can and will consistently deliver console quality games to your browser. With the ability to build amazing, lightning fast 2D and 3D games. Leverage the full force of open GL and DirectX 12 graphics by the use of high-speed GPU rendering. With the use of ActionScript workers and shared ByeteArray support your able to create high performance, fully responsive games and web content.

Offering Full-screen support with exciting Full screen games and full keyboard support features through several browsers and operating systems (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, WIndows, and Mac). Along with the full screen and full keyboard support Adobe also offer enhanced mouse control. Allowing you to submerge int panoramic games, taking full advantage of mouse lock, perpetual scrolling, connected mouse coordinates, as well as right and middle click actions.

Adobe Flash Player creates incredible media experiences delivering HD quality video. Activate high quality HD video play with industry standard codecs in the same manner with AAC, MP3, and H.264. Using GPU hardware chipsets and optimization that will spread over all platforms, providing top video performance. Beyond the HD video you can also expect a high quality service being able to interact with viewers by optimized and adaptable bitrate video streaming. Adobe also delivers vast features with support for streaming standards in the likes of RTMP, HDS, and progressive video, allowing visual content to be provided with flexibility and efficiently across several networks and CDN configurations.

Web Content is protected when utilizing the Flash Player. They provide premium video content that is protected, using Adobe Access, supporting a vast range of business models. This includes live broadcasting, video on demand, subscription, HD rentals, as well as electronic sell through. Unfold compelling content in a more secure, vigorous runtime. Displaying true 1080p videos that utilize up to 4 CPU cores giving you high performing vector graphics with this multicore rendering.

Not to forget the SWF file optimizing and an advanced bitmap control. your files are swiftly downloaded with the delivery of optimized SWF files through the LZMA compressed algorithm. Giving you an efficient web experience. followed with the smoother, clean animations and interactivity through the use of an enhanced high-res bitmap support, asynchronous bitmap decoding, and bitmap caching. Giving you a peace of mind through out your online activities.

Adobe Flash Player is available world wide in many languages and supported across several browsers. Flash Player continues to bring new updates in order to ensure that you have a working and secure software that is current and giving you the superior experience you deserve.