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Adobe Prelude is a compact video monitoring application that you can run on your desktop systems. It makes it easier for you to manage your video clips, extract some small fragments from them, convert them into the form that can be supported easily and then send them to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing them and to make complete movies or feature films from the small clips by integration. It is a very helpful tool for video editors, which makes their work easier and lets them perform required operations on the videos.

Adobe Prelude CC Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details

2019 Build
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe Prelude CC
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Software description

Adobe Prelude CC 2019 is another very useful product by Adobe Systems to facilitate the users with features for video editing. It lets you deal with tapeless media content and performs operations of import, log, select, ingestion and export. It is a high-quality video monitoring and recording application that makes the captured videos ready and compatible for performing various functions via Adobe Premier Software.

Know the software

Adobe Prelude CC is a part of Creative Cloud. That means that you have access to the latest updates and future versions of the product. The software now offers a flexible method to share files and other productions with “Save to Cloud” option. Refine your skills and master new tools with an extensive library of training videos. Adobe Prelude CC now has a tie-up with “Behance,” you can share your projects quickly with “Behance” and get immediate feedback from other creative people.

Search, preview, and production

It is now possible to search files and other data in real time. The user can add meta-data using a real-time feature or use keyboard input or during the intake, while using custom-made designs or templates, or directly from a script edited or created in Adobe Story Plus to get the files. Simply move the cursor over the clip to preview the project. This will help the user to choose the right clip for editing purpose. The editor now can accelerate the workflow log with a streamlined interface and use intelligent keyboard input.

Adobe Prelude CC provides several ways to get help and support from the company.


Adobe Prelude has a built-in media management tool for organizing the video content in the most appropriate manner. It lets you manage your video clips, name them, arrange metadata for your videos, obtains sub-clips, creates sequences and sends them to Adobe Premiere Pro for processing them into movies. You might feel the need some time to share some important information with video editors, so you can insert comments within the video to communicate your ideas, instructions, and suggestions.

Working on the videos starts by creating a new project or opening an already existing one. The default extension for the project is .PROJ. The clips integration does not take much time. It provides options for speech transcription, rough cut creation, thumbnail adjustment, playback mode and keyboard shortcut keys.


Adobe Prelude has a few major hardware requirements. Your system must be 64 bit with Intel Core2 Duo processor and 4GB of installed RAM. The minimum memory requirement in the hard disk is 4 GB. Screen resolution minimum need is 1280×800 pixels with support for OpenGL 2.0 component and a soundcard that can work with ASIO protocol. It provides compatibility for Mac OS and Windows operating system with versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Internet connection will also be required but only for getting registered.

Versions of Software:

It can be downloaded for free from the publisher link on this webpage in the form of the trial version. The trial version is available for the limited duration of 30 days after which you need to pay a visit to their official website where you can make payment for purchasing it. The free version offers you fewer features, but it facilitates you to test the features of the software first before actually making the payment for its license.