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Advanced TIFF Editor is an appropriate solution for viewing, editing, printing and converting image files. Its compact interface contains various options, thus new users may need some time in getting familiar with them. However, it is a useful application for experienced users and can work at fast speed without affecting system performance.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Advanced TIFF Editor
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Software description

Advanced TIFF Editor is the Windows software that enables users to easily view and edit various types of files. Basically it was developed for image files, but support for other extensions was added later. It is capable of efficiently converting files from one format to another. Drag and drop support helps users in selection of file. Batch processing feature is highly beneficial as it saves time by editing multiple files at a time. During the installation of program, you have option to download GraphicRegion TIF Printer, a virtual printer, for conversion of files. However, GhostScript is compulsory in Full installation mode.

User Interface:

The graphical user interface of Advanced TIFF Editor is plain yet complex. It provides many functions that can be accessed via menu bar. The selected files open up in main window, whereas its pages appear as thumbnails at the left side of screen. The GUI of tool can be customized through Settings menu. You can adjust how you want to view files and pages by selecting size, resolution and color management system. It also allows you to modify scanner and printer settings. You can choose language and hotkeys for convenience. Compression settings can be adjusted too, while menu and toolbar items can be enabled.


The software allows you to work on existing files or create new one with custom size and resolution. You can edit these files with tools named selection, eraser, text, drawing, annotation and measurement tools. The edited files can be exported to folder, printed or sent by Email directly through its File menu. Within a file, you can add pages, remove content from pages, append new pages, split them, reverse them and can select specific pages for performing required operations. Furthermore, Navigation menu lets you find and move to specific pages to save you from efforts of going through every page in a file.

Supported Files:

Advanced TIFF Editor offers support for FAX, PDF, TIFF, AI, PS, GIF, JPG, EPS, PCX, TGA, WBMP, DCX, BMP, WMF and other common image formats. These formats are applicable for both import and export functions.


Advanced TIFF Editor was formerly known as Kodak Image Editor. It provides a lot of functions and tools through which you can crop images, insert text, remove noise, resize, rotate, change color scheme, delete particular page, auto equalize and can make the resolution suitable for different devices. The files can be viewed in a built-in image viewer that allows you to fit image to screen, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, flip and enter page number for quick search. Its virtual printer can convert documents from any application to TIFF format, whereas actual printer can print files on paper with custom settings.