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AdwCleaner is a reliable utility that can help you get rid of unwanted programs from your PC. These junk applications aren’t good for the performance of the system and reduce its speed. This application runs a thorough scan of the system memory to look for useless files. You can remove these files with a single click. The software is highly customizable, and you can modify its settings as per your preferences. It’ a free application, but you have the option to purchase its premium version to enjoy additional benefits. It possesses a simple UI which is suitable for beginners as well as pro users.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Adware creates various risks for your system. When you download and install certain freeware programs on your PC, potentially unwanted programs are also installed without your knowledge.

Some of these utilities contain useful features. But they may contain malware which can halt your PC. Moreover, these applications take up a lot of memory space and slow down the performance of your PC.

To get rid of junk applications, it’s best to use AdwCleaner free. You can visit its help section to understand how to use this tool.

It’s a small size application that can efficiently detect and remove malware. You need not install it on your PC if system memory is full. You can use its portable version via an external storage device.

Cleaning Adware

The software looks for adware and potentially unwanted programs with the help of a scan. The main window of the software displays a “Scan Now” button. You can click it to find junk files. You can also exclude particular elements from being detected.

The scan results inform you about adware present in your PC. You can remove them or quarantine them to protect your PC. However, it’s a must to restart your PC to implement the changes.

It also shows important information such as when the last scan was performed, the total number of scans performed by the tool, and total detected adware files.

Log Files

The software maintains the history of scans. With the help of Log Files section, you can access scan reports. You can view the report as a Notepad file. It displays in-depth information about malware detected by the application, their severity level, and the actions taken against detected adware.


You can customize the functions of the software via its Settings tab, enable cloud database support to store log files.

You can choose actions that you want to execute during the basic repair process. These actions include deleting IFEO, tracing or pre-fetch keys. You can also reset firewall, IPSec, BITS, proxy, IE policies, Chrome policies, Winsock, TCP/IP, and host files.

The software also allows you to decide whether or not you want to report usage and threat statistics to developers. Furthermore, you can choose display language or remove the application through its settings menu.

AdwCleaner is an effective solution for dealing with adware and PUPs. It can quickly remove junk files to protect your PC from threats and enhance its performance.