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Angry IP Scanner (or simply ipscan) is an open-source and cross-platform network scanner designed to be fast and simple to use.

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Linux / mac / Windows 10
Angry IP Scanner
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Software description

In today’s world, internet safety and security is very important. It’s very easy to accidently download a malicious piece of software such as a virus, trojan horse or spyware. To do this, its important to scan all files that you download from the internet. The issue with this is that you don’t only expose your computer, but you can also expose important personal information such as credit card details.

Having as much information visible to you when you’re online is the key to safety.

A good way to prevent this scenario as well as learn more about other computer systems that you are connecting with is to download an IP scanner. An IP scanner can really help with your internet security as well as your understanding of other machines. A good IP scanner to use is Angry IP Scanner. Let’s have a look in more detail.

Fast and easy to use, Angry IP Scanner is designed to be an open sourced and cross platform network scanner from all ranges as well as ports too. It scans for potentially harmful Ip addresses as well as ports too. Widely used by network administrators around the world, it runs on Mac OS, Windows and Linux but it might also be able to support other platforms depending on what it is.


For a free to download IP Scanner, Angry IP Scanner has a lot of really good features at your disposal. Features include the ability to scan local networks as well as the internet, scans Ip range Randoms or files in any format, export results to any format, many data fetchers available and a quality command-line interface too.

Not only this, but you can expand what Angry IP Scanner can do. If you can write java code, you can write plug ins that will expand the functionality. It’s a fantastic little feature that can make your experience much better. All this from a free download that doesn’t require any installation.

Final Thoughts

I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t have something like Angry IP Scanner downloaded, even if it something you don’t intend on using regularly. Completely safe and easy to use, it provides you with just a little bit more knowledge about other computers that you’re communicating with that you might want.

No doubt that Angry IP Scanner can help with your security too. Due to the wide range of scanning features available to you as well as being able to scan ports, not only local networks, you have a wider access to the incoming information that your computer is receiving.

The fact that you can also add plug ins to enhance performance is another unique feature. It’s a little advanced and complicated to do but knowing that it’s an option really gives Angry IP Scanner a sense of personalisation too that doesn’t often come with most IP Scanners.

It’s something that I would highly recommend having downloaded on any computer even if it is something that you might not use that frequently!