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AnyDVD is a Windows driver that allows you to decode DVD, as well as deleting the specific copy of prevention and operation of user bans. There are some updates that will let you do the same with HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Software details Beta/ AnyDVD HD
Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

AnyDVD runs in the background, and deactivates the prevention system of Macrovision that distorts the high quality video signal, in order to avoid the reproduction of the protected material, and even more, it completely erases the prevention system from the CD.

AnyDVD has checked a ripper that deletes Sony Arccos, Macrovision RipGuard, and some other elements preventing the interference with what you want to do with your DVD.

The decryptor module is based on the code of Elby CloneDVD, The previous versions used a ripper based on FixVTS, but FixVTS stopped working because of Sony’s legal threats.

AnyDVD helps cloning tools like CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, InterVideo DVD Copy, etc, to be able to copy movies with CSS protection. With AnyDVD’s help, you can even watch movies that does not match with the region code of your favorite DVD player software.

And there is even more. AnyDVD can control the DVD unit’s rotation speed, so you can watch DVDs on your computer with a minimum interference, and sometimes with no interference at all.

This tool can prevent the automatic activation of video loss DVD programs like PC Friendly, and it allows you to decide which programs can run whenever you insert or remove a disk from your device.

You can also automatically adjust the vertical refresh rate if you want to do it, and you can get rid of the undesired restrictions. For example, you can erase the forced subtitles from a movie, or skip the copyright messages.

AnyDVD Features:

-Works automatically as a background driver.
-Gets rid of the encriptation and region code of the DVDs.
-Gets rid of the analogic protection system from Macrovision.
-Gets rid of the forced subtitles and other limitations.
-Decrypts without saving date in the hard disk.
-Decrypts on the go.
-Prevents the automatic execution of some of your DVD programs.
-Allows you to set up the vertical refresh rate depending on the kind of DVD.
-Allows you to control the speed of your DVD unit.
-Allows you to choose which programs are going to run when inserting or removing a DVD.
-Works with all kind of DVDs.
-Works with all kind of DVD units.
-Works with all kind of DVD cloning and copying systems, such as CloneDVD.
-Works transparently. The DVDs can be shared through the local network.
-The final files can be copied and pasted like any other regular file.
-It has proven to be fast and stable, so you do not need an ASPI driver.
-Includes a new feature called AnyCDDA: use it to clone, copy and extract audio files from your CDs.

Last, but no least, if you want to give it a try, you do not need to worry about the system requirements. AnyDVD will run perfectly if you have a Windows computer, it only needs 2 megabytes of your hard disk space and it will work smoothly with just 64 megabytes of RAM.