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AudioGrail was formerly known as K-MP3. It is a set of quality tools through which you can organize audio files, edit their tags and burn those files to CDs. It is a useful Windows desktop application that can prove to be a great help for interacting with audio files.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

AudioGrail is a useful application that can efficiently deal with audio files. A large variety of options are available that let you perform many operations on these files. It is an audio manager and editor that provides support for MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, MPC, WavPack and APE format files. The interface of software is quite simple in which you can add files by drag and drop option. It is a comprehensive tool through which you can play audio, edit tags, make playlists, sort files and can search for required content. It is suitable for those who spend a lot of time in enjoying music.

Playing Music:
AudioGrail enables you to enjoy music by offering support for various media players. You can add music files and play them in straight format or shuffle them for enjoying random selections. You can maintain playlist with its Playlist Generator option and can create these on the basis of artist or album. The whole albums of songs are stored in database and you can search songs by entering artist name, album name, genre and year.

Tag Editor:
You can apply tags on songs in order to access them easily. You can specify path of file, song title, artist name, release year, track number, album and genre. Additional comments can be added for explanation. You can also reload list, remove tags and update information. Quick Cleaner helps in merging multiple spaces, enabling case standardization, enabling character replacement, removing duplicate fields and fixing genre field for tags as well as for files. If you want to permanently remove tags from particular files then Tag Remover is your go to tool. Incomplete tags can be found and filled up by entering necessary data.

Quality Analysis:
The quality of songs can be tested and improved with Quality Analyzer. You can use filters of bitrate and sample rate for finding files. You can apply actions such as move files, remove from selection and delete file.

You can adjust the working of AudioGrail through its Settings tab. It lets you choose Server, CGI path, HTTP proxy, library functions, file associations and logging options. You can turn on single click mode, enable update checking, minimize software to system tray and include only those albums that have covers. It can be translated to more than 22 supported languages.

Other Features:
The software focuses on editing of audio files. You can load files from USB to your PC by choosing different options for base and destination directories. You can remove duplicates by searching for similar content. CD burn process can be carried out for Audio files and tracks. Audio Organizer tool assists in renaming files, overwriting existing files and moving files from one location to another.