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Auslogics Registry Cleaner helps users fix Windows issues. The freeware analyzes the database of your computer carefully and fixes registry errors, in order to run your computer with great performance.

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
Auslogics Registry Cleaner
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Software description

Auslogics Registry Cleaner provides a simple solution for a very common problem. Built to be lightweight and easy to use, the registry cleaner from Auslogics manages to identify and repair most registry errors, improving system performance and the stability of installed applications.

With the aid of several built-in modules, Auslogics Registry Cleaner becomes a safe tool to use as it can scan, backup, restore, and clean up the Windows Registry. The scanning algorithms enable it to be fast and reliable. For greater control, any changes done with Auslogics Registry Cleaner can be reversed, allowing you to rest assured that your system will always run correctly even if you are not an experienced user. Its simple interface allows for most activities to be performed with the push of a button and everything can be reversed just as easy.


– Registry scan. The scan option can be started with the push of a button. Each scan is followed up by a detailed report for advanced users to go into detail of each error found. All errors are grouped into categories and can be expanded to explore the details. Fixing the errors can be done fast and secure even without analyzing the error reports.

– Registry backup. Auslogics Registry Cleaner uses a backup feature to save the current registry. Undesired changes can be reverted with minimal effort even by inexperienced users.

– Removes uninstalled software leftovers. Many programs still leave registry entries after being uninstalled. Auslogics Registry Cleaner can completely remove erroneous entries of software that is no longer present on the system.

– Registry optimization. Auslogics Registry Cleaner goes beyond error scanning and correction. It can scan the registry and identify opportunities for optimization which can boost the performance of some applications.

– Startup optimization. Auslogics Registry Cleaner can help detect and fix startup errors. By scanning for broken links, removed applications, and startup registry errors, the application and significantly improve system startup times.

– Multi-language support. To improve user experience, Auslogics Registry Cleaner is available in multiple languages with more being added with each new update.

– 24/7 technical support. Auslogics Registry Cleaner comes with dedicated technical support available online, directly trough the Auslogics website.

– User-friendly. The simple, modern, and friendly design of Auslogics Registry Cleaner makes it very easy to use even by tech-savvy users.

– Regular updates. Auslogics constantly updates Registry Cleaner with new fixes to registry errors, allowing it to become increasingly efficient with better scanning results and error correction capabilities.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is being used by IT experts and multiple organizations across their work environment to improve the performance of the workstation. Globally, Registry Cleaner is being used by more than 20 million users that make the most of their system by having an optimized and error-free registry. Developed more than 10 years ago, Registry Cleaner continues to improve with each new update. Registry Cleaner remains a popular choice amongst experts and home users due to its simplicity, efficiency, and scanning results. With the backup feature, you will always remain in control, reverting to previous states of your registry, making it a safe tool to use.