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Avant Browser is a user friendly web browser with various features. It is based on Internet Explorer. It lets you customize the layout and style of browser and its different buttons. You can browse internet at a very fast speed and can keep your browsing safe by deleting the history permanently.

Software details

2019 Build 7
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Avant Browser
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Software description

Avant Browser 2019 was initially released by Avant Force in 2004. It extends the functionalities of Internet Explorer and can be used as a separate browser for surfing internet. Its current version can support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems and can work with Internet Explorer versions from 6 to 9. It is a freeware and its size is just 4.3 MB. It has a simple yet colorful user interface with clearly understandable menus and options.

Installation Process:

Whether you are a new user or an advanced user, you can install Avant Browser easily. Choose Standard installation to install most common components, whereas use Custom installation type if you have prior experience. Clicking the next button means you agree with End User license agreement, so read it once before proceeding with the process. All the required files will be extracted first and then the software will be installed. It will take a few seconds for completion. Click Finish button after process is completed.

Menu Bar:

Avant Browser contains a menu bar at the left side of screen. With Home section you can visit its home screen, check browser latest updates in New section, download its different versions with Download category and see list of awards received by browser in Awards menu. Credits will show the names of contributors while in Support you can read FAQs. You can donate any amount you wish via credit card, read press releases about latest issues and visit Forum on their official website to join discussions.


There are some options present below title bar for helping users to easily access all the required features. You can stop web pages from loading, refresh webpages, go to homepage, check history of visited pages, edit settings for form autofills and use bookmarks on important pages. You can enter URL or keywords to search for your required websites. If you want to use the browser in any other language then you can select the language from drop down menu.


Avant Web Browser gives you an ad free internet experience by using built-in ad blocker. It does not own a very attractive or colorful interface but it is very much user friendly and contains various options. You can create your profile and access it from any system. It has a built-in ATOM reader and lets you open a large number of tabs and windows for using them simultaneously. It is a safe browser that ensures the privacy of your internet browsing.

It is a fast speed browser that can work efficiently with low resources. It uses three built-in rendering engines named Trident, Gecko and Webkit for better graphics. It can support various download managers, RSS readers, plugins and add-ons for additional functionalities.