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Avast Free Antivirus is a useful platform that provides protection for your system, keeps all your passwords safe at a single place, provides various tools for staying safe from harmful threats or attacks and suggests you various tools that you can purchase for cleaning junk files, increasing security and to keep your files safe from getting hacked or infected.

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20.2.2398 Beta/ 20.1.2397
Windows 10 / Windows 8
avast Antivirus
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Software description

Avast Antivirus is an award-winning security software developed by the Czech company Avast Software. It was first officially launched in 1991 and to this day remains as one of the most widely used antivirus programs in the world. Avast Antivirus offers industry-grade protection for systems and servers from ransomware, phishing, malware, spyware and viruses. Thanks to its smart analytics technology it is able to detect and block any type of threats before they can affect the user. Avast has a simple and accessible interface which almost any person can easily understand regardless of experience with computers. Most of the important processes to protect the users’ systems are automated for simplicity and comfort, yet the software also offers many advanced settings and tools for experienced users.

The Avast Antivirus software operates using a console from which users can view the status of their network and device in real time. The program sends instant notifications on any updates concerning the status of the system and the emergence of any potential threats. On top of that, it features a chat functionality through which users can quickly access an efficient product support service. With its CyberCapture functionality, Avast Antivirus detects suspicious files and automatically sends them to the cloud for inspection. This allows the program to stay constantly updated regarding the latest forms of malware and other threatening software to protect all of its users.

Aside from its intelligent anti-virus functionality, Avast features an array of sub-applications to protect its users’ systems in all fronts. The Wi-Fi inspector detects any weaknesses in the home Wi-Fi connection to prevent any third parties from accessing. The Smart Scan analyses the user’s settings and passwords to recommend possible modifications, detect suspicious add-ons and update out-of date software to increase security. Other features offered by Avast include browser cleanup, anti-spam, secure DNS, firewall, data shredder, home network security, sandbox and more. All of this makes Avast Antivirus one of the most versatile and reliable protection software in the market. To adapt to the necessities of all its users, Avast offers a wide arrange of services with different pricing plans.

The free trial version of Avast includes the antivirus but lacks other more advanced functions. The Internet Security plan includes the anti-spam, firewall, ransomware shield, real site, passive mode and sandbox functions in addition to the antivirus for 59.99 USD a year. The premier plan includes an automatic software updater, data shredder and webcam shield on top of the functions of the Internet Security plan for 79.99 USD a year. The ultimate version offers all the aforementioned functions as well as the Cleanup Premium, Passwords Premium and SecureLine VPN services for 119.99 USD a year.

Each of Avast’s features can also be purchased individually for specific prices at the user’s convenience. This wide variety of features and options make Avast Antivirus one of the best alternatives for protection in the market. Thanks to its accessibility, reliability and unparalleled versatility, it remains as one of the most widely downloaded and highly praised antivirus services.