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Avast Internet Security is a comprehensive security tool that makes your digital experience safe and secure. It features a variety of modules such as antivirus, firewall, antispyware, and antispam.

Software details

20.3.2403 Beta
Windows 10 / Windows 8
avast Internet Security
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Software description

Avast internet security is an all-round antivirus software which boasts a ton of features including antivirus scanners, spam filter, a tough firewall, just to mention a few. The security software product is developed by the Avast group, which is based in the Czech Republic. The product is very proficient when it comes to protecting computer users against cyber threats.

Who is Avast Internet Security Designed For

The software is available for anyone who is case sensitive when it comes t the internet. If you are running a business, a student researching sensitive information or a banker. This software will minimize the risks you are exposed to in real-time. Avast Internet Security is an excellent development for preventing sensitive information to leak to the internet.

Features of Avast Internet Security

Privacy and Protection

Avast internet security helps computer users, particularly employees of a company, to surf the internet safely. The software has an intelligent feature that allows users to keep their identity private when browsing online. Additionally, the software has an extra layer of protection, the anti-ransomware, which protects the users’ important photos, data, and files.

Detecting Possible Spams in Emails

There are a ton of spam emails that are randomly sent to employees’ email addresses. However, Avast internet security helps to safeguard sensitive data stored in computers. The software does this by scanning through emails before users can access them and then removing any potential malware and other threats.

Protecting Users from Malicious Websites

Avast internet security helps employees and other users to navigate the internet safely, by scanning malicious websites before users can access them. Additionally, the software can detect hackers who might attempt to hijack users’ DNS.

Password Protection

Users who frequently use the internet to shop usually have sensitive data such as credit card information and other passwords stored on the computer. Avast internet security helps those users to safely lock all their passwords conveniently.

The Perks of Using Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet security has all the provisions you need to avoid any hiccups while surfing the internet. If you need ultimate protection from malware, adware, and hacking, this is the package to acquire for your device.

Avast Internet Security features an advanced firewall. This firewall is solely responsible for keeping hackers away from your device. The firewall prevents any foreign entity from taking over your device or creating malware.

It provides security from all external factors. Avast Internet Security acts as a barrier to accessing your webcam. With so many people online, security can inevitably become compromised. The Avast Internet Security assures you of privacy whether your webcam is on or off.

The software will enable you to shop or pay for services without the risk of fraud. Avast Internet Security is known for its cyber-security measures. Therefore, users will rest assured that their bank details are inaccessible after installing them.

Avast Internet Security is responsible for blocking any content that might be a threat. Users can now browse without fear of viruses and spyware. The software is very effective as it works in real-time.