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AVG label is known best for its efficient and dependable antivirus software for years. Their products are highly efficient and capable of providing guaranteed protection against the advanced viruses and malware aside ensuring basic protection.

Software details

2019 19.2 Build 3079
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
AVG AntiVirus
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Software description

AVG Antivirus Free is a no-cost anti-malware and antivirus solution with over 200 million users. Part of the Avast family of security solutions, the AVG Antivirus features the same technology but is designed for everyday usage. The free edition offers all the essential levels of protection for devices operating on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

Being easy to install and with a set-and-forget setup, AVG continues to watch out for threats and protect your device and private data. With optimized resource management, AVG ensures that your system runs optimally. Real-time scans and constant updates will ensure that your system is protected against the latest threat so you can browse the internet safely.


– Advanced heuristic detection. AVG uses the latest heuristic scans to detect threats even if they do not carry a known signature. Suspicious files are checked in real-time to determine if they are a threat to your system.

– Antivirus protection. With a high detection rate, AVG ensures protection against the latest threats. Featuring multiple scan modes such as a quick scan, folder scan, full system scan, or deep scan, you get to choose how AVG manages your security.

– Real-time protection. AVG runs silently in the background, scanning files, and webpages in real-time. Detected threats are blocked immediately so that your system is never compromised.

– Virus Definition Updates. The Free version of AVG gets regular definition updates to improve its detection rate of the latest malware and viruses.

– System Performance. AVG uses a smart engine that properly manages the resources used so that you never feel like AVG is affecting system performance. AVG knows when to use system resources and how much so that you have the best experience while benefiting from the latest antivirus protection.

– PC Performance Advisor. Now, AVG is capable of scanning your system to detect performance issues. It will create a report showing you exactly which processes consume system resources and how much. The performance scan will also look at storage performance and scan for junk files.

– Spam protection. AVG comes with the most advanced spam filters so that you will not waste your time going through junk email.

– Ransomware protection. As the number of ransomware attacks increased, so did AVG’s capabilities of blocking such attacks. AVG blocks all ransomware attacks and keeps your data safe from unauthorized access.

– Mobile Protection. AVG mobile now offers best-in-class mobile protection for Android devices, completely free of cost.

– Advanced file shredder. Files are never truly deleted. AVG features and an advanced shredder that ensures that once a file is deleted, it stays deleted and unrecoverable.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition is the ideal choice for home-users that are looking for a simple solution for the security of their devices. Designed to be simple and easy to use, AVG manages to offer high-detection rates while using next to no system resources. It offers award-winning protection against viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, spam emails, and malicious network attacks. You get to choose how you manage your system security in just a matter of minutes by downloading and installing AVG Antivirus Free.