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AVG Internet Security 2020 is a complete protection for your PC and online identity! This award-winning virus protection product gives you unbeatable Internet security by protecting against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and malicious websites.

Software details

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
AVG Internet Security
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Software description

AVG internet security is an award-winning antivirus software that is used by millions of people, especially those in the corporate world. The antivirus is renowned for its rigorous ability to detect and remove viruses and other threats before they cause damage to the user’s computers and files.

Who is AVG Internet Security Designed For

AVG Internet Security is a great buy for anyone who owns a device that can access the internet. It is an essential buy for business owners, MNCs, and individuals. Anyone who is a high profile can enjoy the benefits of this software as they are prone to hacking. The software serves a wide range of services and reinforces cyber-security. Users can easily protect their data and privacy on their tablets, PCs, desktops, and mobile phones through AVG Internet Security.

Features of AVG Internet Security

Web and Email Protection

The internet is full of dangers from hackers and other cyber threats. Fortunately, AVG antivirus helps users, especially those in a work setting, to use the internet safely. The software does this by scanning for spams in emails before users can access them. Additionally, AVG internet security enables the users to stay away from malicious websites, as the software can scan for threats before users can access certain websites.

Computer Protection

AVG internet security is packed with a ton of protection features. One feature that helps you to keep your PC safe is the advanced antivirus scan. The antivirus scan enables users to effectively scan, quarantine, remove and remove viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, malware, and rootkits. The software does this by catching potential threats before they reach the users’ computer.

Payments and Passwords Protection

Whether an employee is using a banking application online or sending some payments via PayPal, threats from hackers remain at large. However, AVG internet security easily protects the user from cyber threats by blocking any spams, scams. Additionally, the software helps users to avoid duplicate websites that might try and steal sensitive information.

Privacy Protection

AVG internet security allows users to safely browse the internet by keeping their tracks and information private. Certain websites and applications are always trying to access webcams. As a result, hackers might corrupt the user’s files and damage the computer. Nevertheless, AVG internet security protects users from such threats, safeguarding the users’ files, data, and other sensitive information.

Why Should You Use AVG Internet Security?

AVG Internet Security is an excellent development meant to safeguard users from unforeseen circumstances. The software is every effective a deficient in its functions. Here are some of the reasons why users should consider AVG Internet Security as their first option:

Email shield Technology

The software automatically scans emails and removes data that contains malware. It also blocks suspicious content.

Remote management

AVG Internet Security can be managed by an administrator remotely. The admin can install and configure from one single location. The software is also capable of updating itself; this ensures that the devices are protected at all times.

Data safety

The software is highly effective in keeping business, employees, and customer data safe. The AVG Internet Security has an encryption key that stores data on a virtual disk on a PC. This prevents anyone from bypassing the system and gaining access to very sensitive information. Additionally, the software has an added feature whereby one can shred documents, and no one can recover for malicious intent.