Download AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC Tuneup is a helpful application that helps you optimize its performance by taking control of processes and services that cause delay and lagging.

Software details

2019 19.1 Build 840
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Also known as AVG TuneUp, AVG PC TuneUp is a utility software for Microsoft Windows users. This utility software helps the user to optimize or repair the computer system to achieve its best performance. AVG PC TuneUp is a product of AVG Technologies, which was acquired by Avast in 2016. Computer users can use the software for free on a 30-day trial, but after that, the software prompts users to pay a periodical subscription to access its premium features.

Who is AVG PC TuneUp Designed for?

If you have multiple personal computers in your home, this will serve a great purpose. It not only improves the speed of computers but also shows the unnecessary junk files. The application is an excellent download if you run a small business. AVG PC TuneUp will save a lot on costs, and the processing speed will allow you to attend to clients faster.

Features of AVG PC TuneUp

The Premium features of AVG PC TuneUp are designed to allow users to speed up, clean up, or fix their computers to achieve the computers’ best performance.

Those features include;

Speed Up PC Performance

The software helps the PC boot and run faster by optimizing the memory and CPU by using a unique feature that revamps the sleep mode. This puts programs that are not in use to sleep mode, only to be re-activated when they are required. As a result, making your computer run faster.

Automatically Updating Programs

If you struggle when updating your programs and applications, the AVG PC TuneUp will help you to automatically update your systems programs. With just one click of a button, you can easily update all your installed applications.

PC Maintenance and Removal of Junk Files

Intensive use of computers tends to bring up bugs, minor crashes, and freezes. However, AVG PC TuneUp enables the user to get by these hiccups by periodically scheduling Tune Ups to help the computer. It does this by cleaning the computer registry and cleaning up traces, cooking, and cached files that might be making your PC slow.

Why You Should Use AVG PC Tune Up

The application allows faster speeds, longer battery life, more storage space, and less crashing, just to mention a few advantages. The application is an excellent tool to have on your device. Its advantages are countless. Here are some of the advantages you may expect:

Startup optimizer

The application improves the boot speed of your PC by up to 46 percent. This means that it would beat the computer’s standard startup speed, which is usually one minute.

Word and Data Processing

AVG PC TuneUp will improve the word and data processing speed. The application also will improve graphic processing, video chat quality as well as browsing.

Unlimited licenses

The application offers both free and premium services. The free download only shows the vulnerabilities in your PC. However, the premium version is fully operational and can be installed on multiple devices/ The licenses are for Windows, Mac, and even android.