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Avira Phantom VPN protects your privacy for free and also empower you in the connection with the whole world as you rest assured that your online footsteps is fully hidden.

Software details
Android / Windows 10
Avira Phantom VPN
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Software description

It also helps you to stay safe from cyber attacks with a limit data volume of 500MB per month.

This application in your computer or smartphone works like client of VPN and it forms a tunnel of protection by converting data or information into a code (encrypt) to prevent any unauthorized access.

How does the Avira Phantom VPN work?

This application work by uploading data from either your smartphone or computer to the server of the VPN and then exists the internet of the public. Since your device will seem to have an IP address of the VPN server, other services and users cannot trace you. Not even your ISP ( internet server provider ) can monitor any of your online activities. And this means that your privacy is fully secured.