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AVS Video Converter is an easy to use tool that offers a lot of features and options. The videos and audios can be converted to desired formats that are compatible with various devices. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can get many options that will help you perform your required activities on the video files.

AVS Video Converter Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

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AVS Video Converter
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Software description

In the recent past, most individuals have been unable to pick the suitable software to handle both video and audio conversions. Most of the tools in the market are complicated to use hence favorable for the experts only. However, AVS Video Converter ensures that even beginners have a feeling of what it feels like to maneuver around audio and video files. Its operation involves dragging and dropping of media files from the windows explorer.

One of the significant advantages of using the AVS Video Converter is that it supports almost all the available video formats. Therefore, one can quickly come up with a unique form that suits his or her needs. Also, the software has an inbuilt option to allow sharing of one’s work to all the available social media platforms.

The platform stocks a wide range of effects which gives beginners the opportunity to showcase their creativity to their friends. AVS Video Converter is renowned for accuracy due to its useful timeline tool which makes the application of effects smooth and timely. Besides, the software has a preview area which ensures that the output suits a user’s need and desire. Therefore, AVS Video Converter remains one of the best file converter software that doesn’t mind one’s expertise.

For running the videos on particular devices or software, it is necessary that the videos should be in the compatible format. For solving this problem of users, Online Media Technologies have launched AVS Video Converter. It is a video editing tool that can be used on Windows 10 Operating System. Regular updates have made it possible that the software is compatible with the latest technologies and formats that are introduced recently. Its latest stable version 10 has a lot of new features.

Download and Install:
For getting AVS Video Converter on your system, first download its setup file on your PC. Though its original price is $60, but its trial can be tried for free. Double click or open it for running the setup. The installation Wizard will start for making the process easier and quicker. Agree to the terms and conditions, select language of tool and browse location where it should be installed. The installation process will finish after these steps.

AVS Video Converter provides the facility of converting videos from any format to AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, WebM and others. The process of video conversion takes long amount of time but the high quality of video remains constant in both files.

Sometimes it happens that mobile sets or gaming consoles are not able to run the files of different formats. For solving this issue you can convert the videos for the targeted devices. The Device section provides the option of converting videos particularly for Android, Apple, Samsung, Sony devices, Gaming consoles and many more. The devices can be connected and videos can be converted through cable.

AVS Video Converter is capable of converting videos to many formats. You can connect the devices via cable or Bluetooth and then directly convert the videos present there. You can also record the videos and save them in the desired way. The videos can be edited and then burned to CDs or DVDs. Through the Settings option, the basic settings of tool and videos can be adjusted.

Video Editing:
This amazing tool lets users make editing in the video files. The videos can be broken down or split into smaller parts. While converting, you need to enter all the necessary details about frames, audio and video settings. Also select the location where the files must be stored after the conversion has been completed. Every step of the software is well defined that can be followed by every user without difficulty.

Various effects can be embedded into videos for enhancing their quality. Video effects include brightness, border, text, contrast and other detailed settings. Audio effects customize the settings of voices and music in the videos. The chapters in the videos can be managed too without any issues.