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Bandicam is an efficient screen recording application. You can record high-quality videos to create tutorials for games and applications. You can store videos in AVI or MP4 formats. It also offers support for external devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, webcam, and smartphones.

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4.5.7 Build 1660
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

For those who don’t know what it is, Bandicam is a paid software and its sole purpose is to record screen and game on your PC, or laptop. Bandicam was first released back on 23rd April 2009 on Windows XP. After a while, Bandicam got very famous amongst the consumers and eventually became one of the most popular screen and game recording software today. Being one of the most well-known screen recorder and game recorder, Bandicam brings a whole suite of features for its users and modes to get the best recording performance with high-quality video outputs. Today we will look at all the features, upgradability and price points of Bandicam.

Bandicam is a screen and game capture utility tool developed by Bandisoft, and later by Bandicam company itself. Initially, when the software is launched you will see that Bandicam has 3 modes; Screen Recording mode, Game Recording mode, and Device Recording mode.

Screen recording mode allows Bandicam to record your computer screen. If you have more than 1 screens, you can choose to record the screen you want. you also can customize the recording aspect ratio and make custom recording frames, so that everything inside the frame is recorded, and the ones that are not in the frame are not recorded.

The Game recording mode allows you to record full-screen games of your choice. Bandicam can record games that support Direct X up to the latest Direct X 12, and also the latest version of OpenGL. You can record games even at 4k resolution, and record online games as well. Bandicam is very less CPU and GPU dependent and so running it doesn’t put much load on your CPU or GPU. Bandicam boosts the recording performance by using hardware-boosted H.264 encoder, so you can run and record your favorite games without any lag. Bandicam also has the FPS feature, where the FPS of your game can be shown on the top left/right corner of your games.

On Device recording mode, you can record other external devices that are connected to your PC. You can record devices such as your webcam, smartphone, Xbox, PlayStation, HDTV, APPLE TV, and all other sorts of devices that are connected via wired or wireless connections. Device recording also comes with the hardware acceleration for the webcam, which means you can use Nvidia, Intel Quick Sync Video, or AMD VCE technology to record your webcam for the best webcam recording quality and performance, depending on the webcam model.

Other features of Bandicam include screen, webcam or HDMI recording of avi and mp4 format; image capture in bmp, png or jpg format; game FPS counter overlay and control; recording limit, real-time drawing; scheduled recording; voice mixing; mouse effects; direct YouTube uploading; and much more.

Bandicam comes in both free and paid versions. In the Bandicam free version, there is a recording limit of only 10 minutes and the recorded video has a watermark of Bandicam logo. Other than that it has all the other features mentioned previously. In the paid version you have all the features, and you also get to choose to remove the watermark and the recording limits. The paid version is only $60, but now they are having a sale at only $60, so you can save 11% on your purchase.

If you like Bandicam or changed your mind after reading this post, please be sure to visit bandicam,com to learn more.