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BatteryCare is available for Windows operating system and provides statistical data about battery usage. It is useful for those who work with their laptops for longer time periods and wish to maximize battery time.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

With what’s happening today in our world, working from home or remotely is the new norm for most people and companies. Having a reliable laptop is a must, especially the battery. When you’re working out in the open and the electricity outlet is far from reach, you need the laptop’s battery to work to its maximum and optimized capacity. BatteryCare can and will do that. It is a software designed for that sole purpose, to boost the laptop’s battery usage. BatteryCare monitors the discharges of the battery and notifies you of its cycles.

To prolong and maintain the laptop’s battery life, charges and partial discharges are important rather than completely draining the battery. However, there’s a downside in frequent charging. It will affect the system’s calibration level of the the battery in Windows. Most of the time, the reading will be empty even when there is still power that remains. Unexpected shutdown can also happen, and it’s not a good thing especially if you’re working remotely out of reach of an electricity outlet.

Comprehensive Battery Information

Statistical calculation of the battery power, remaining charged power, information regarding battery’s wear level, consumption, manufacturer, etc.

Discharge Monitoring

BatteryCare has an advanced algorithm the would accurately record a discharge cycle. BatteryCare will set a number of discharge cycles of the battery. Once the set number of discharge cycles is reached, a notification will pop up as a reminder that a full battery dishcarge is needed.

Temperature Reading of Hard Disk and CPU

Constant monitoring of CPU and hard drive

Power Plan Switching

You can choose battery power plan preferences

Control on Demanding Windows Services

Instinctively disables accelerated graphic theme which can deteriorate the battery life. It also switches back the automatically the accelerated graphic theme and re-enables the ceased services.

Compact Notification Sector

All the important notices will pop up for quick monitoring, like power remaining, battery plan options, and temperature.

Automatic Update

BatteryCare will automatically update its software

Easy On System

Resources needed for the BatteryCare to run on the system will only need approximately0.1% of the memory and processor.

BatteryCare will surely take away the worry regarding our laptop’s battery health, especially if we’re working remotely. It’s a must to have in everyone’s laptop. This software is very helpful to people who need information on how to take care a lithium battery of a laptop. It’s also a freeware which means that everyone can download the software and get the most out of their laptop’s battery.

It will truly help in prolonging our laptop battery and further enjoy using our laptop without frequently connecting the charger to the electricity outlet, which is sometimes kind of a nuisance. Whatever the state of your laptop battery is at right now, I would highly suggest you install BatteryCare. It’s like having a “batterysitter” for our laptops. Using it will save you money from purchasing a new battery.

Note: It is a free software. However, the author wishes and would encourage users for donation to further the development of the software.