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Photo-zoom pro is designed to process digital images. Photo-zoom Professional is a revolutionary and patented technology with the industry standard tools to expand and adjust the size of digital images.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
BenVista PhotoZoom Pro
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Software description

The pixel quality issue of photographs can be resolved quickly using this software. Photo-zoom Professional is perfectly capable of rendering images without any defect. This assures that the output of the treatment will be without rough edges, corners and with perfect focus and quality.

Know the facilities of the software

Photo-zoom Professional is an ideal software for professionals. This software is basically used to enlarge and prints larger digital images. Several other businesses such as space technology, medical, security, police, etc. use this software for varied purposes. It is also possible to install several plug-ins to improve the overall functionality of the program. For example, it has a plug-in fully supports file export to Adobe Photoshop. Nevertheless, it also has enough facilities to work without support from other programs.

The features of the software:

The program features all the tools in its own interface. The user can re-size the photograph by using parameters such as in pixels, inches, millimeters and inches. It allows you to change the image in these parameters. The preview is shown in a separate real time window. In addition to this, you will get the exact size of the file in MB format.  It is worth remembering that despite being a program to zoom images, it does not have noise problems, as the other programs in the same genre have.