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Basically it is an activity manager that contains the options of scheduling routine tasks. It possesses the capability of scanning traffic received from both FTP and HTTP protocols. It can deal with spam content with the help of multiple security layers. Zero day threats are recognized on the basis of their behavior while detailed reports are generated for understanding the nature of problems.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Bitdefender SBS Security
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Software description

Bitdefender SBS Security 2019 is a complete software suite that is capable of providing high level security for resources. It is a paid product by Bitdefender Private Organization that is preferred for business users. It enables you to keep your business applications secure, improve their performance and manage them in an effective way. It can deal with all types of malware including virus, worm, rootkit, Trojan, spyware, phishing and spamming. It is a licensed suite that can be purchased on the basis of number of users or time periods. It is efficient software that can protect servers and computers from harmful attacks.

Bitdefender SBS Security is a set of certain useful tools. Enterprise Manager, Security for SharePoint, Professional Plus Client, Security for File Servers, Security for ISA Servers and Security for Exchange are included in the software package. BDEM is used for network administration through which you can automate various tasks such as downloading of updates and upgrading of system. It provides remote access to administrator through which they can perform tasks without physically using particular system.

Professional Plus Client is a Windows based tool that contains antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware and any-spam sections. It provides maximum protection for systems and lets users safely browse internet. Its powerful scanners easily detect infected files and remove them for security purpose. Security for File Servers can efficiently protect file servers in business organizations through which documents are shared between different workstations. It is a powerful tool that ensures the privacy of important data and makes it possible to transfer content with ease.

Security for Exchange is another useful tool that protects mailing servers for providing secure messaging service. Security for ISA Servers is offered for Microsoft ISA Servers so the traffic directed through these can be monitored. Security for SharePoint can keep your Microsoft SharePoint servers safe by scanning the files that are either uploaded or downloaded from libraries. It is a real time service with which employees can safely transfer data within an organization.

Major Functions:
Bitdefender SBS Security is a reliable software suite that enables you to keep your business applications safe from virus, spyware, rootkit and phishing. It provides active firewall for real time protection and ensures that no unauthorized user can access workstations. Within a company, the staff members often need to share content with each other via servers; hence it manages the working of Email and file servers for making the process more safe. It can easily be integrated with different types of servers.