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Bitdefender Total Security comes with an antivirus, antispam, firewall and privacy along with Tune up, Update, Safebox, File encryption and Safego that makes it very protective and trustworthy. The program’s interface is very easy as even a non experienced user will be able to understand all its features. You can also adjust the displaying of most used functions so that you don’t need to scroll down and search for them. These functions include scanning, updating and firewall setting that needs to be done regularly.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Bitdefender Total Security
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Software description

Bitdefender Total Security is a complete security solution that can protect your devices from online threats and malicious attacks. Developed by Bitdefender, Total Security can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices without compromising performance or battery life due to its advanced resource management and discreet background operation.

Using the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security ensures the best protection for your data and privacy. Packed with high-end features, Total Security is the only security solution you will ever need.


– Speed-optimized. Total Security uses an advanced engine that diminishes resource consumption while ensuring real-time protection.

– Safe Online Transactions. Total Security comes with a dedicated browser plugin that secures all online banking transactions and detects fraudulent websites so that you do not compromise your banking details or become the victim of fraud.

– Wi-Fi Security Advisor. Whenever you are on the go and use public Wi-Fi or hotspots, rest assured as Security Advisor will scan the network and protect your device and privacy.

– Firewall. Malicious attacks are not always in the form of a virus or infection. Bitdefender Total Security will protect your network from any type of attack.

– Device Optimizer. Bitdefender optimization tools can speed up your system by removing junk files from your HDD or SSD, optimizing applications, and optimizing start-up processes.

– Parental Control. With the new Bitdefender Central, you get access to parental controls across all the devices in your household. Bitdefender can block websites, limit device access, and restrict user privileges.

– File Encryption. You can encrypt files and folders so that only you can access them. Even if someone else gains access to your system, they will not be able to access your protected files without the decryption key.

– Bitdefender VPN. The Bitdefender VPN now offers an extra layer of protection by encrypting all your internet traffic and hiding your location. Privacy will never be a concern again.

– Permanent File Deletion. Files on your computer are never truly deleted. Bitdefender can permanently delete files so that they can never be retrieved.

– Tracking Prevention. With new browser anti-tracking plugins, Bitdefender offers you full control over the data that websites want to collect about you.

– Audio and Video Protection. Bitdefender allows you to see which applications access your webcam and microphone and restrict access.

– Password Management. The new Password Wallet makes password management much easier by storing all your passwords in an encrypted vault.

– Antispam. With advanced spam filters, Bitdefender blocks spam email so that you do not waste your time cleaning up your inbox.

– Seamless Updates. Bitdefender Total Security is updated constantly with the latest definitions to ensure you are never vulnerable to malicious infections and network threats.

– Ransomware Protection. With the latest definition updates, Bitdefender will protect your data from ransomware infections.

Bitdefender Total Security includes a wide set of features and modules that will protect all your devices with the push of a button without affecting system performance. Bitdefender runs in the background ensuring that you are always protected in real-time. The subscription includes 24/7 support and free virus definition updates.