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BitTorrent or BT is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communication protocol of the same name. The software possesses a simple GUI so that users can easily transfer large files such as HD movies, music videos, documents, games and much more.

Software details

7.10.5 Build 45597
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
3.5 (70%) 4 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

One of the growing online trends involves sharing files online with other people, whether they are music or movies or something else. BitTorrent is the most popular file-sharing application in the world. Many people use it due to its easy-to-use software that is relatively straightforward. The application downloads what is called a “torrent” that contains the metadata of the file they wish to download. The many features of the application offer its users convenience, which is why it is not only popular with veteran users, but also for first-timers.

The following are the features of the BitTorrent application:

  1. FREE: Since the application uses the device’s internet connection, users do not have to pay any fees.
  2. SMART SEARCH: The application has a search bar so that the users can look for the file they want without leaving the application. The search bar will offer numerous options so that the user can choose exactly which file they wish to download.
  3. DOWNLOAD LIST: BitTorrent typically downloads only five files at a time. However, if the list exceeds five torrents, the rest will be queued and will begin downloading as soon as the first five are finished downloading. Users can also customize which torrents should be downloaded first. Another option available is to prioritize which files should be download quickly. When users assign a “high” priority to a file, the application will divert most of its download capabilities to the selected file.
  4. LIMITLESS: The application has no limit when it comes to the size of the file or the download speed. If a user wishes to download a file that is 100 GB or bigger, not a problem. The only problem is if the storage on the device that is downloading the file does not have enough space to download the file. Also, if you have access to a very fast internet connection, then files will download very quickly because there is no maximum download speed.
  5. DOWNLOAD FOLDER: Users can choose where all the downloaded files will be stored. If not, the default storage folder will be the DOWNLOAD folder, both on desktops/laptops and cellphones.
  6. PROGRESS BAR: The application visually displays the progress of every download, offering also the size of the file being downloaded, the current download speed, and an estimation of long it will take to download.
  7. VIEWING: The files can be opened immediately from the application and they will be viewed on the device’s default viewing application. This makes it very convenient.
  8. SEEDERS AND PEERS: Once a file is finished downloading, the file can be shared with others as long as it is still “seeding” in the progress bar. This means that they can download it. The user does not have to do a thing, except to let it “seed” in the application.
  9. MAGNETIC LINK: In the event that the user cannot find a torrent through the search bar, they can look for the file they want on the numerous torrent websites on the internet. Once they find what they are looking for, they need to choose the magnet button next to the torrent. This will automatically open BitTorrent and begin downloading the file.

BitTorrent has made file sharing available to anyone with an internet connection so that they can enjoy any form of entertainment. It is easy, convenient and free, which is why the application is used by millions of people.