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BluffTitler is a Windows application through which you can develop videos for intro, titling, promotions and marketing. It is normally used for short length videos and animations with the help of different tools and rendering techniques. Once the project is completed successfully, you can either save it in system memory or export it to suitable formats usable for both online and offline streaming.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

BluffTitler is a multimedia tool that assists you in creating high quality animations and introduction videos. It is a Windows based desktop application having variety of features in a simple interface. It is a paid tool whose evaluation version can be used for free. There are three different versions available for users depending on their experience level. The users can make choices from Easy, Pro and Ultimate versions on startup and can modify their selection via Settings menu. The product is published by Outerspace Software and proves to be a great help for novice and experienced users in video industry.

Video Creation:
BluffTitler assists in creating short videos with minimal effects. You can enter text, choose font, modify texture and apply various effects. Its tool window offers different options, through which you can make new shows, adjust resolution, specify duration and export them as compressed or uncompressed AVI and MP4 video formats with pre-defined number of frames per second. Alignment and shape of text can be chosen from given options and many effects can be implemented. You can modify text position and layer settings on the basis of keys.

When different kinds of effects are supposed to be included with content, then Layers function can be utilized. There are eight different layers possessing individual properties. Plasma Layer provides patterns that can be used for creating animated effects. Text Layer helps with addition of any text that can be used for explanation purpose. Scroller Layer is used when moving text must be included. Picture Layer is for inserting pictures and videos with many extensions. Model Layer is used to include 3D models, while Sketch Layer supports vector graphics. Particle Layer contains artificial events and Container Layer can hold multiple layers.

Using the Options menu, you can customize software performance. Using General options you can choose language, homepage, stereoscopic format, font and other appearance settings. Internet tab lets you specify safe file extensions, enable video or audio streaming and clear browsing history. Using Texture tab, the different maps can be chosen. With Drivers tab you can select graphics adapter, MP4 encoder profile and decoder filters for every file format. The menu bar contains many drop down options that help you with creating and finalizing projects.

BluffTitler is a small sized tool containing useful set of features. A large number of templates are present that can be included for simplifying the process. Any text can be added to the window and its font, size, style and other characteristics can be modified to enhance quality. The settings for animation can be chosen in such a way that it looks attractive to users.