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Community enterprise Operating System (CentOS) is an Operating System designed to provide an enterprise-class platform for anyone intending to use Linux to the next level. It is a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux with which tries to be fully compatible.

Software details

7.5 Build 1804
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Software description

Provides support for different platforms and offers a range of packages that encompass virtually all the user requirements. Its major feature includes compatibility with various platforms, from x 86 to PPC. There are a number of packages available that include: PHP, Apache, Evolution, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and much more. If you are searching for a free, stable and distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in order to safely install an efficient server, try CentOS, an operating system designed for businesses. The development of CentOS follows hand-in-hand to Red Hat, which guarantees free updates and releases.

How it works?

If the goal is to install a Linux operating system stable, then CentOS is without a doubt an excellent solution. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux distribution, based on free source code distributed by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and maintained by the CentOS project.

This release brings an interesting set of changes, comparing with the previous versions, as well as some corrections.

Main highlights

  • Precision Time Protocol is now fully supported
  • OpenSSL has been now available for the version 0.1.
  • NSS and OpenSSL now support TLS 1 and 1.2.
  • KVM got several improvements
  • Updating the drivers for Hyper-V and Vmware
  • Updates to Evolution and
  • All news can be found in the Release Notes.

For anyone who wants to update from CentOS-6.0/6.1/6.2/6.3 or 6.5 7 to 7.5 version it is advisable to make a backup of the system and then run the command yum update.