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cFosSpeed is a useful and safe traffic shaping and bandwidth management tool that lets you decide which computer applications and downloads are more useful for you and should be done first before other users. It prioritizes the packet transferring and minimizes Ping for enabling your system to run online games, music, videos and perform downloading and uploading at a higher speed. Though it is a licensed product, its price is kept low, and you can also benefit from its free trial.

Software details

11.04 Build 2440
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

As the top seller product of cFos Software, cFosSpeed aims to optimize the user’s Ping time and greatly decrease internet latency or most commonly known as lag. To speed up your internet connection, the app makes use of Traffic Shaping. This method alters the order of internet data packets to prioritize the most necessary traffic and put the less needed in last.


This internet accelerator decides which of your streams must be put first, and thus, all your programs are provided with full bandwidth. This main feature is what causes the significant connection speed up.

Programs which are automatically prioritized by cFosSpeed are the following:

  • Games
  • Multimedia
  • Filesharing (P2P)
  • Voice-over IP or VoIP
  • Other uncategorized programs

This means that the mentioned programs will have improved quality and less lag. This causes the user’s downloads or uploads to not interfere whenever the priority programs are running. Still, the download rate will not considerably slow down as the software features RWIN expansion.

Peer-to-peer filesharing can use your internet connection with unlimited speed. Yet, it will slow down when there is more important internet traffic. Even when under heavy load, the internet response time of the user will normally be fast. Additionally, you will always be able to see the actions of this app through its status window.

However, you can also perform immediate adjustments to the prioritization scheme according to your preference. You can lower or elevate priority by simply clicking on plus and minus buttons. Users have the choice to configure the order of the most prevalent network protocols to give the right priority to the programs using them.

Key Modules

With Line Speed and Dynamic Line Calibration, cFosSpeed gives you the least ping time and makes the most out of your available bandwidth.

The Ping Engine along with the Ping Variance Detector makes the Traffic Shaping of connections, like mobile connections, better with high latency tweaks.

In cFosSpeed, numerous personal computers can share just one network. To improve the performance in situations like this, The Multi-user info or Net Talk is provided.

Download speed for strong internet connections is made quicker with the installment of cFosSpeed’s RWIN expansion.

To make the handy and configurable prioritization scheme with its filer rules, a lot of modules were involved. These are namely TX Limiter, TX Prioritizer, TX Shaper, RX Prioritizer and Shaper, Class Delay Management, and Packet Loss Avoidance.

Program detection is made to analyze non-standard protocols such as game traffic. To detect the common and standard protocols like P2P filesharing, HTTP, and voice-over IPs, there is theLayer 7 Protocol Detection.

Connections and Requirements

You are welcome to use a wide range of supported connections to use cFosSpeed. This includes cable and DSL broadbands, modem and ISDN narrow bands, and mobile connections like WiMax, CDMA, LTA, and many others. You can use this software on a single computer or with several others that share your internet connection.

To install, you will need a Windows 10/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows 2000 32-bit or 64-bit(x64) operating system.