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If anything that can describe that how good Clash of clans app really is, then its got to be its millions of users around the world. Clash of clans is a strategy game where players attack on villages of different players and defend their own.

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Clash of Clans App
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Software description

Do you find yourself idly scrolling through social media day after day? Has boredom set in? The cure is only a few clicks away from your local play store. The spotlight shines brightly on Clash of Clans. Addictive and head-on, you will spend your time hoarding gold and elixir like a dragon with a well-hidden stash… not to mention, fighting off greedy goblins.

Connect to players from every corner of the world with the global chat feature. Make friends, make enemies, and don’t forget to participate in your Clan War, or your team may resent you a little bit. Build layers and layers of defensive buildings to protect your precious loot! Steal gold from unsuspecting villages, and sleep soundly knowing you spent gems on a shield. Compete with friends online, invite people to versus matches to test their skills, and earn points to bring your clan to victory, one Town Hall at a time.

The Clan Games gives players a chance to complete various tasks and receive points accordingly. Beat personal goals, defeat specific enemies, and use certain spells to earn medals for your Clan while playing against a time limit. Once the time is up, get rewards for all of the hard work! Simple! Think carefully before rushing head first into battle, though. Make sure you have enough troops and that your King and Queen are fully healed before marching off. Do not forget to brew spells! Your army will thank you, and so will your gold storages.

There are countless variations of armies to choose from, and it’s necessary to find a tactic that suits the player well. Whether that includes a massive tank of a P.E.K.K.A. or a small hoard of balloons, a strategy is key. The Practice feature is excellent for those starting off to learn a new trick or two. It features a helpful instructional video based on the player’s current Town Hall level, where it will then and there instruct you on how to deploy troops and spells to find your way to victory!

Single Player mode also offers plenty of goblin levels to test your knowledge and loot gold, elixir, and dark elixir from. The final level Dragon’s Lair is nothing to joke about. It recommends at the very minimum being at a Town Hall 12 before attempting to clear it, but the rewards sure are nice! If Single Player isn’t your thing, Multiplayer is where it’s at. Spend gold to find a match and unload everything in your arsenal! Whether you succeed or fail, your trophy level will reflect your overall success as a raider. Some dedicated players with outstanding rankings get invited to compete on a professional level! Follow your favorite players on social media and learn from the very best.

Similar to many apps these days, there is an option to pay for bonus things to make life easier. Gems to boost timers, resources to upgrade walls and cannons, and shields to protect precious storages are all options. Most famously, gems can be used to get that infamous fifth builder, and everybody knows the more builders, the better!

Visit your app store today and give Clash of Clans a click. It’s a good strategy game for those patient enough to reap the rewards.