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Comodo Antivirus is a freeware that performs detailed and efficient virus, spyware, Trojans and malware detection very quickly and generates error-free results. The detected threats are then removed in a secure way without damaging the infected files.

Software details

2020 FREE
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Comodo Antivirus
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Software description

Comodo Antivirus is a program that is part of the Comodo Internet Security software. The program offers the detection, removal and prevention of malware (software that infiltrates and damages computers). The program was first tested in 2010 and several versions with various improvements have been released since it received excellent ratings from technology reviewers.

Here are some of the features offered by Comodo Antivirus:

SCHEDULED SCANS: Instead of manually running a scan to search your device for malware, you can choose the option of running a scheduled scan. This means that the program will automatically scan the device according to which schedule you opt for, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. This feature, however, does not eliminate the option to run a scan whenever you please.

DEFAULT DENY APPROACH: The program will deny the entrance of all files as its default setting until the file is proven to be harmless.

SCANNED FILES DIRECTORY: The program will offer a directory of all the files that were scanned that contain a possible threat of malware.

REMOVAL OF MALWARE: The program will automatically remove any malware it detects during its scan. This setting can be changed so that the program notifies the user and asks for permission whether it should remove the malware or not.

ONLINE AND OFFLINE PROTECTION: Comodo Antivirus will protect the device from damaged or infected files that are on the device or on a connected device, but it will also protect the device from any online threat that may come from opening a malicious website.

PROTECTION AGAINST NUMEROUS MALWARE: The program is not only designed to remove software that damages your device, but also software that will record passwords or spy on your activity to collect personal information and so on.

VIRUSSCOPE: The antivirus program can undo any changes done to the device as a result of malware.
CONTAINMENT: Files that are suspected of being corrupt or infected can be opened in an independent environment in the event the user needs to open it. This allows the file to be opened without damaging the device and other files while the program also works on making the file harmless.

FREE: Comodo Antivirus can be downloaded and installed on your devices for free with no hidden costs. The free program offers all the basic functions that you will need at its best quality. For more features, the user can choose to purchase a premium version of the software for an affordable price. Users can choose whether they would like to pay monthly or annually for the premium version. However, the free version is available for everyone else with a budget, or for anyone who wants to test the software before committing to it.

OFFICIAL WHITELISTING: Files that have been proven to be trustworthy can be given default access so that they are automatically opened without needing to be scanned by the antivirus program.

Comodo Antivirus offers all the basic functions that an antivirus program needs, along with other extra features that are very useful, all for free. The company continues to improve its application every year, with its latest version of the software having been released in 2020.