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Comodo Internet Security is a great way to keep your system safe and perform risk free browsing on internet. It works with multi-layered technology to provide users with a better security level of their systems. It is a great security suite that keeps your files and data safe from virus, spyware, rootkit, internet bots and malware.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
COMODO Internet Security
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Software description

With the use of containment technology, Comodo Internet Security offers a freemium, multilayered suite designed to keep you safe from harmful malware and cyber attacks, which can steal your personal and financial data. The program alerts users every time a possible malware tries to invade or gain access to their system. Developed by Comodo Group, this software protects your personal computer with the use of advanced technology.


The powerful anti-virus of this software allows its internet security suite to hold a 360 protection level. Comodo combines various innovative techniques for reliable security.

These innovations include an advanced Host Intrusion Prevention System(HIPS) and a sandbox technology that automatically blocks out unknown files to be examined by Valkyrie system tests. Along with that is the application control feature, which intercepts unauthorized apps from performing actions that can endanger your data.

Aside from hackers, users are also protected from malware like viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, buffer overflows, and zero-day attacks. The app lets you know whenever threats like these occur.

To secure your information from outbound and inbound dangers, Comodo attains an enterprise-grade and integrated firewall.


Comodo Internet Security’s firewall is cutting edge. That’s not just due to its user-friendly interface and configurations, but also because of four essential reasons.

First, it has the ability to study the computer habits of the user. The purpose of this is for the app to not intrude when you are working.

Second, it pinpoints viruses and malware by making use of preventative procedures and scans.

Third, the firewall updates you whenever it locates malicious items like folders, files, and programs.

Last, it gives you the Default Deny Protection(DDP) feature to verify if files and programs are safe for your personal computer.

Additionally, the firewall hides your computer ports from hackers and blocks out suspicious programs from forwarding your personal and business-related data to the web. With it, you can choose which of your apps can access the internet and lets you know immediately if it detects unauthorized activities.

Other Features

Anti-rootkit. It is a tool very useful in recognizing and deleting rootkits that can covertly intervene with your system functions.

Bot protection. Some dangerous bots are capable of doing malicious activities to pave a way for a cyber attack, which can turn your computer into a zombie. However, this sturdy software does not let that happen with this security feature.

Anti-spyware. The premium suite incorporates this addition for security against installations of spyware programs that can take your internet activity and other confidential data.

Intrusion Detection System(IDS). This feature scans network traffic to look for signs that match known cyber threats to keep your network safe from hackers.

Specs and Prices

To download, your system needs to be Microsoft® Windows® XP 32-bit, Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, 150 MB RAM, and have 400MB of free hard-disk space.

To fully experience the perks of Comodo Internet Security, you can download the premium software with a fee of $17.99 per year. They also offer a promo of $19.99 for three licenses.