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Corel Painter is a raster graphics editing software that is developed by Corel Corporation. Its latest version has been released recently with many advanced features and bug removals. It lets you apply a wide variety of filters and effects on your drawn images. You can take your painting skills to the next level by adding creativity into your pictures. It is a complete digital art studio that can run on desktop computers. It lets you transform your images into printed, painted and drawn pictures with precision.

Software details

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Corel Painter
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Software description

The Corel Painter is a software for digital painting and creating “Natural Media” styled works. Thanks to the tools provided by this software, with the help of these tools you can create images with high visual impact. The Corel Painter supports the user with various effects, offers different types of brush, airbrush, and animated graphics. It is also possible to transform photos into oil painting, chalk and line drawings can be cast with Corel Painter.

Know the software

Corel Painter offers the same impressive selection of brushes and features that artists have learned to use and they will this time discover the speed and improved functioning of the same package.  The selection tools are geared towards Photoshop – a click in the layers palette selects the contents of the selected level; the Lasso selection tool provides a polygon mode and operates on request without anti-aliasing. In addition, color picker and mixing palette are customizable in size.

The user interface

The new interface makes it easier for the selection of brushes, navigation, the use of libraries, color selection and configuring the images. High-quality rendering allows you to see fine detail when zooming. Compatibility with Photoshop enables you to work with PSD files and correct the behavior of color and layers in the case of moving files from Photoshop to Painter.


The Corel Painter also added perspective guides and the opportunity for the user to take part in online discussions with professional artists who discuss their successes and challenges. The product also offers advanced color library, optimized memory and improved work when cloning an image. If you have an iPad, you can work with the app “Corel Cinco for painter” via Wi-Fi connection.