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CyberLink youcam is a state of the art software that maximizes the use of the computer’s webcam. Proper use of the software guarantees great images, special effects, and creativity. as an added advantage, the software supports high-quality recording making it ideal for recording personal videos on your computer. It is lightweight and can be effectively used with any modern day computer or laptop. It is a must-have for webcam users.

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Windows 10 / Windows 8
CyberLink YouCam
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CyberLink YouCam is a webcam application that lets you interact with your friends in an innovative way. You can add dynamic effects into the live videos for having fun and can create presentations by adding other images and files.

CyberLink YouCam is a creative program that provides interesting camera effects including several add-ons for webcams. It uses a virtual driver to interact with webcam devices and the common messaging software. To use the program, make sure it is correctly installed, then open it.

On the Youcam board that pops up, click “capture” to record a video, “snapshot” to take a picture, or “desktop” to record the activities on the desktop. On the “effects room,” you can choose any effect whether you are taking a photo or recording a video. Once you are through recording, just click “stop” and go to your video or picture library. This software has more than 200 fun effects for video recordings or charts and a complete set of capture tools.

Additionally, the Cyberlink YouCam gives you a reliable photo editing workplace, PowerPoint video integration, and records full HD with higher FPS. You could also switch to the surveillance mode for home security or use the face login feature to login to your accounts just by staring at the computer’s camera!

Interesting Effects:

CyberLink YouCam lets you add almost 200 interesting effects in your live video chats and recordings. New effects are added regularly that can be downloaded through internet. You can insert multiple images and add effects in them to create new images or for enhancing your video fun. You can decrease distortion and can add attractive particles and filters. There are a lot many emoticons and gadgets available within the chatting engine to help you make your video chats more interesting and to add new features in the software.

Video Quality:

The software makes sure that the quality of video during online chatting is of high quality and the addition of effects does not reduce video or audio quality. The effects are added in real time so there is no delay caused in communication.

Options and Features:

With its category of Effects Room you can add various interesting avatars, filters, particles, emotions, scenes, gadgets, distortions and frames. It lets you enhance video quality by adjusting lighting, brightness, sharpness, contrast, noise and exposure.


CyberLink YouCam is developed primarily for Microsoft Windows operating system. It supports XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions of Windows OS. Moreover it supports only those systems that satisfy the minimum hardware requirements. The minimum system requirements are: 1 GB free hard disk space, 3 GHz Intel Pentium or other compatible CPU, 1 GB RAM, VGA graphics card and a built-in or external working webcam. You must also download at least one of the supported messaging services.


CyberLink YouCam is available in three different versions: Free, Standard and Deluxe. The free version lacks some of the features and it is actually the trial version that is valid for 30 days period. Standard version costs $29.95 USD. The Deluxe version is the live video studio for webcam whose price is $44.95. It is a shareware so you can use it on multiple systems with a single license key.