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Diskeeper Professional is a complex piece of software that is preferred by computer experts to get detailed information on system performance. It efficiently defragments partitions and keeps an eye on key metrics. It helps in improving system performance with optimized use of memory. It is quite difficult to understand for beginners but experienced users can make full use of PC capabilities through its features.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Diskeeper has been optimizing Windows file systems since 2003, becoming the #1 utility software in defragmentation and disk usage optimization. Making use of patented technology, Diskeeper prevents files fragmentation in real-time on both SSDs and HDDs.

Condusiv developed Diskeeper as a solution for the Windows file management system that fragments files and degrades system performance. It is one of the few pieces of software that can prevent “death by a thousand cuts” when files are split into many tiny writes, causing severe disk performance degradation. With its revolutionary technology, Diskeeper can make a Windows-based system run faster than new by improving file management, reducing fragmentation, and by using dynamic memory cache for frequently used files. Everything is done using a simple interface and with the push of a button.


– IntellyWrite I/O technology. It monitors all disk activity and prevents newly created files to be split into fragments right before it is written on the disk. File fragmentation will never be an issue again.

– InvisiTasking technology. InvisiTasking was developed to ensure that Diskeeper never affects system performance. It will always run in the background without affecting other applications that also use the disk by making use of CPU and I/O resources that are not used by the system.

– Improved Reporting. With improved reporting you now get full control over how your disk is being used, having a clear vision of the health of your system. You can generate fragmentation reports, read/write reports, and disk performance reports.

– HyberBoot technology. HyperBoot cleverly rearranges your system start-up files to reduce boot-up times and the number of I/O reads.

– HyperFast SSD optimizer. Diskeeper uses TRIM technology to optimize SSDs, maximizing their performance on Windows-based systems. It prevents the same memory cell from being overwritten too many times, extending the lifespan of modern SSDs. HyperFastSSD also boosts read and write speeds by preventing filers from being fragmented when written on the SSD.


– Proactively eliminates file fragmentation

– Automatic defragmentation that can be set during or outside working hours

– Can be scaled to run and manage hundreds of computers using a simple management console

– Extends the lifespan of workstations by protecting HDDs and SSDs

– Once set, Diskeeper will handle all tasks automatically so you won`t have to

– Improves application performance by boosting disk performance

– Monitors system resources ensuring that other applications run properly

– Reduces start-up times

– Generates comprehensive reports for file fragmentation, disk health, I/O speeds, and system performance

– Runs silently in the background without affecting system performance

Diskeeper is available in 6 different versions for home users and businesses. With an advanced management console, Diskeeper can be used to automate disk management and file defragmentation tasks using simple setup wizards. It can extend the lifespan of SSDs and HDDs by better-using disk space and improving the way files are written. The technologies built into Diskeeper have made it the most reliable and the most popular disk defragmentation utility and continues to be used by professionals and home users alike enabling them to get the most out of their Windows-based systems.