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If you are looking for an economical opportunity to maintain your PC, it is recommended to download and install Driver Easy. It will keep your system updated, safe and clean. It is loaded with all the essential features and can be used easily.

Software details

5.6.13 Build 33488 Professional
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Driver Easy
4.2 (84.15%) 130 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

With all my experience with installing different operating systems and their respective drivers, it is a hard job to locate and install every other driver. Driver Easy has actually made things very easy. It’s a simple solution for finding and installing drivers automatically. By automatically, I mean that this software helps in finding the desired driver and you can even install it manually. When I installed Driver Easy I found several interesting features that could be useful.

The problem was that those features would be activated once I managed to pay for the professional version. I don’t know why most of the useful programs out there, have some features locked. Driver Easy has some restrictions for the free version when it comes to uninstalling drivers, downloading multiple drivers and trying to backup drivers. When you are at a point that you think everything is done, you will come across some essential features that are blocked.

The scheduler of Driver Easy is unique and better than other schedulers found in different driver updater tools. This scheduler allows you to set a special time for scanning. You can even include the time when, you intend to shut down the computer or you want it to remain idle. Don’t worry if, you are too busy or away from your PC or laptop, just check the scheduler and specify the time for scanning. With the help of those settings, you can turn your system on for scanning or discontinue scanning if it’s running on batteries.

Let’s have a look at the pros of Driver Easy.
– For commercial and personal use its totally free
– The download file will not occupy much space, its only 3.22MB
– You don’t need an internet connection to run Driver Easy
– If you set schedule, you can check for any outdated drivers
– Also offers fast driver scans
– There is no need to open any website or download any other program, as drivers can be downloaded directly from the program
– It is actually a cheap replacement for a computer technician, who will charge a handsome amount for locating, downloading and installing drivers on your system
– It offers updates for the drivers of different removable devices that are a part of your system
– You can store backup files in ZIP or folder file. You can easily roll-back changes with the help of driver restore tool.

Let’s have a look at the cons of Driver Easy.
– There are several features that will work once, you pay for them
– You cannot download multiple drivers at the same time
– The downloading speed will vary from one system to another and it can be slow on old computers
– Driver updates need to be installed manually